Can You Steam Clean A Velvet Couch?

Can You Steam Clean A Velvet Couch?

A velvet-upholstered couch is a popular centrepiece of luxurious interiors. Its beauty enhances any space and catches the eyes of the viewer. If you own a velvet couch, you are probably aware that it needs some maintenance to keep its gorgeous appearance. 

Dust and spills are the common enemies of any velvet-upholstered furniture. Thankfully, there are simple ways to refresh them. If you’re quite unsure of how you can clean your velvet piece, keep on reading this article for some helpful tips. 

Steaming is a common method of cleaning velvet furniture. Yes, you can steam clean your velvet couch at home. You can do this by using a handheld steamer. Steaming helps remove stains, dirt, and germs. It also eliminates grease, allergens, and dust mites. Further, it restores the pile’s upright position that could tangle and mattify from prolonged pressure.

Remember to check your furniture’s care instructions before steaming. Velvet upholstery fabrics have different cleaning codes. Some of them have an S code, which means that the material suits solvent-based cleaners. Other velvets are code W, which indicates that they prefer water-based cleaners. If your couch has this code, you can safely use the steam treatment. Contrarily, if the furniture is a code X, you cannot perform steaming. This code implies that water and solvent will damage the upholstery fabric. Hence, you can only use a vacuum or brush to clean it.

If you do not have a steamer at hand, you can use an iron with a steam setting. Move the steamer in the opposite direction of the pile. Do this across the velvet fabric, moving at a moderate pace. Do not steam one spot for too long, and remember to use the lowest temperature setting.

For extra grooming, use a soft brush to stroke the fibres up. Brushing keeps the nap neat, uniform, and just nice-looking.

Owners of velvet furniture can ensure that their pieces continue looking great. This is possible thanks to steaming and other treatments like vacuuming, brushing, and applying fabric protectors.

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For those who are planning to buy or reupholster a velvet piece, we suggest that you choose the easy-to-clean velvet fabrics. Generally, synthetic velvets suit homes that have children and pets. They are low-maintenance materials; they do not fade in direct sunlight, and they are easy to clean. However, if you opt for natural fibres, cotton velvet is the easiest to maintain. Most cotton velvets can tolerate water-based cleaners. 

Hence, you can spot clean them easily. You should select the velvet fabric that best suits your lifestyle. After all, velvets fabrics are stunning, whether synthetic or natural.

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