Collection: Fabric - Blue

Powder, royal, navy... Bring your design inspirations to life with a high quality blue fabric.

The epitome of tranquillity and serenity, blue is the favourite colour of many. One reason so many people enjoy wearing blue clothes or decorating their homes and offices with the colour is its diversity.

While traditional views might be that blue is for boys, it's one of those colours that everyone enjoys. This is displayed with its dominance in financial businesses, politics and even the royals!

If you're looking to bring a sense of elegance and comfort to your home, office or wardrobe, we have stunning shades of blue available in a range of patterns.

From those light and breezy aqua shades reminiscent of enjoying the sea view on a tropical beach to royal blues with their lux appeal and more conservative navy shades, there's something for everyone at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop.


We Offer Fabrics to Enhance Your Decor.

Blue Curtain Fabric.

Curtains come in many varieties, so it's essential to think about practicality and aesthetic appeal. We source our fabrics from the finest mills, ensuring each customer can find the perfect material and finish for their needs.

Our collection of blue curtain fabrics includes chenille, velvet and linen, all of which can prevent draughts throughout winter.

If you're a fan of minimalism, keep it simple with our Aqua chenille curtains, which lighten up any room without overpowering it. Or, why not make a statement with the ever-popular Damask patterns, which combine cheery yellows and dark blue fabric to create a lux appeal that will enhance any property.

Choose between traditional floral patterns, which are perfect for a traditional home, while mosaics and geometric shapes can act as the perfect backdrop for contemporary decor.


Upholstery & Furnishing Fabrics.

You want to add a pop of colour to your home but don't know how to do it without spending a fortune on new furniture. It's hard to change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money. Most people think they need to buy all new furniture to achieve the look they want.

With Yorkshire Fabrics, you can add a pop of colour and personality to your furniture for a fraction of what you'd spend on new furniture and cushions. We offer blue fabrics for upholstery that are stylish, affordable and high-quality.

Add some simple elegance to your furniture with our Ayon collection. All of which feature different shades of blue, in striped, damask and geometric patterns. A particular favourite is the Ayon striped blue and gold fabric, which looks incredible and has a shiny finish.

Opt for a simple but vibrant shade of blue for a minimalist aesthetic. We have sky, aqua and turquoise colour fabrics available, or linen weave upholstery fabrics for those that prefer a more subtle look.


Contract Fabrics.

It's hard to find quality blue contract fabrics that are affordable and stylish, especially as many can be old and out of style. Yorkshire Fabrics offers a wide selection of high-quality, affordable blue contract fabrics in various textures and patterns. Plus, our team can help you choose the perfect material for your project.

Whether you're looking for a durable fabric that serves as a worthy investment or want to enhance your commercial space and showcase the personality of your business, we have a range of stunning blue fabrics available.

From subtle shades of blue to intricate patterns, our curtains are suitable for every style. Better still, they have many benefits for commercial use because these fabrics are durable and easy to clean.


FR (Flame Retardant) Ready Colour Blue Fabrics.

Fires can cause extensive damage to both lives and property, which is why it's important to have flame-retardant fabrics ready in case of emergency. Yorkshire Fabrics offers a wide range of flame retardant fabrics that can help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings in the event of a fire.

Our fabrics come from high-quality materials that meet or exceed all safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing that you're prepared for anything.

For sophisticated decor, we recommend the Sussex midnight blue fabric type, which has a soft, velvet texture or one of the festival collection shades in vibrant and deep blues.

Give Your Fabric A Longer Life For A Small Extra Cost

While some of our fabrics have special flame retardant features, you can customise each type with extra treatments to prolong the lifespan. We'd particularly recommend this for upholstery fabric types because they'll always be susceptible to wear and tear.


Our treatments include:

Soil and Stain Treatment

Flame Retardant Treatment

Contact Crib 5 Flame Retardant Treatment

Waterproof Treatment

For a small extra cost, you can protect your curtains from the impact of everyday life and enjoy them for years to come.

Shop With Yorkshire Fabric Today.

With so many blue fabric types to choose between, you're sure to find one that suits your style preferences and current decor. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality fabrics for cost-effective prices and welcome any questions you might have.

Our friendly team are happy to advise you on delivery times sizing and answer any questions you might have. Don't forget to try our free mood board feature, which lets you see how each fabric type will fit into your interior design theme.

Whether it's new curtains, upgrading your upholstery or designing your own clothes, there's something for everyone at The Yorkshire Fabric Shop.