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What you need to know about velvet fabric

Velvet is a luxurious type of woven fabric where the threads are cut and then distributed evenly across a short pile, giving it a soft and sophisticated characteristic.

The soft and fuzzy appearance of velvet means that it is often mistaken for chenille, although whereas chenille is brushed to get that appearance, the fuzz in velvet is made with cut threads on the tips of the weave throughout the pile.

Velvet fabrics are often used for cushions and curtains due to the soft and warm effect that they add to a room. Theatre curtains are often made from heavy velvet, which you might have seen roll across the front of a stage once or twice.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, all of our velvet fabrics are made in a wide range of colours and styles to fulfil the needs of your next project. Browse through our stock online to see the different types of velvet we supply, and to find out the cost of each unique style per metre.

Where does velvet come from?

Velvet has a rich history of being associated with nobility, due to its sophisticated look and unbelievably soft touch. It was first introduced to Europe in the 14th century by the Egyptians.

Back then, velvet was traditionally made from pure silk, which naturally increased the popularity of the fabric, with silk already being a very sought-after commodity.

Silk had already been popular in Asia for some time, but once it reached other areas of the globe, people began to search for it as it continued to rise in popularity.

China has now become the main producer of velvet fabric, with India coming in close at second, but there are velvet producers all over the world, like in Yorkshire for example!

These days, much of the velvet bought and sold is "silk velvet", which is created with a combination of rayon and silk, and is a very common choice for cushions. You can also quite commonly find cotton velvet, which is unsurprisingly made from cotton.

More recently, synthetic velvets have been developed, mostly from polyester, viscose or nylon, however, the process of weaving the material at the same time has remained.

What are the different types of velvet fabrics?

Velvet can be used for a range of different projects such as clothing, accessories and home furnishings. Velvet is not to be confused with velour fabric, which is similar looking but a little more stretchy.

We supply top-quality velvet material in different styles, lengths and designs that will bring your ideas to life for a great price.

Each project is different and we account for this, which is why all of our fabrics have unique benefits that fit their purpose. You can find out how our velvet is graded below.

Contract velvet fabric

Contract-grade velvet fabrics are often used in commercial settings, such as hotels, restaurants and offices. For a fabric to be "contract grade", it must meet a certain set of standards when it comes to fire resistance and durability, making it the safest option for your business.

We stock a wide variety of styles and colours of velvet fabrics in contract grade, so if you are looking for a specific colour or pattern, we are able to treat all of our velvets to conform to crib 5 to create your commercial space.

Furnishing and upholstery velvet fabric

If you've been searching for a funky design or specific colour of velvet fabric for a soft furnishing project, why not opt for one of our velvet furnishing fabrics made specifically with that job in mind.

We have over 1000 different designs and colours to choose from in stock, ranging from the most luxurious golden geometric pattern to plain Peru moleskin velvet in dozens of varieties, so there's no doubt you'll be able to find a few to add to your upholstery supplies.

Sustainable velvet fabric

We have nearly 40 different varieties of sustainable velvet fabrics available in stock, and we're constantly working on expanding this selection. From different soft shades of beige to unique red and blue floral patterns (perfect for summer skirts), we've got you covered.

Velvet fabric for curtains

Velvet curtains are naturally thicker than cotton, which is why they're a popular choice, as the thickness helps keep in the warmth.

Velvet fabrics are notably used for theatre curtains as they add splendour and luxury to the room, whilst in your home you can be sure they'll add an extra layer of cosiness and warmth with a touch of class.

What is the right choice of velvet for me?

There are many benefits to choosing velvet as your choice of fabric, particularly the extravagant and soft look and feel that it adds to any room. Only you know the details of your project and what pattern or colour will best fit it, but rest assured that ours is of the highest quality.

Whether it's for upholstery, dresses, accessories or anything else, have a browse through our range and let us know if we can help in any way. It's also worth noting that we supply a number of curtains and cushions already made from textured velvet fabric if you don't have the time or patience to make them yourself.

We also supply 10cm x 6cm samples, and 125cm x 20cm jumbo samples of most of our prestigious textiles for a very low price, so you can see what the design looks like in person before committing to a full purchase by the metre.

Feel free to get in touch, to let us know which design you are looking for, and we'll do the rest!