Collection: Fabric - Plain

Minimalistic plain print fabric that offers maximum aesthetic appeal.

Welcome to our plain print collection of fabrics. They're available in a range of materials and are the perfect solution if you want to enhance your designs without overpowering them with complex patterns.

With so much to choose between, we're confident that your search for a reputable fabric provider will soon be over.


Boucle fabrics

When there's boucle, there's quality! You know these fabrics will always perform well for any design, and the unique manufacturing process means they're highly durable. We have a wide range of boucle fabrics, in bold and neutral tones, including the Oscar range, with vibrant orange colour.

Or you can keep it simple with neutral tones, including teal, silver and pale blue tones. We also have the eternally popular Tanga Collection, with bright colours including pinks, purples and yellows.


Chenille fabrics

Is there anything as soft and comforting as chenille? We think not. It gets its name from the French word for caterpillar due to its uniquely smooth and fuzzy texture. Chenille is ideal for the winter months and will always keep you warm.

The best thing about chenille is it doesn't need to be complex because the texture speaks for itself. You'll notice this with our Bahamas Range, which injects colour into the designs while keeping things simple.

Or, you can opt for the Darwin Linen effect collection, which includes blue, brown and grey tones.


Corduroy fabrics

Corduroy is a traditional fabric made from woven yarns or cords. The material has a brushed or sheared surface which achieves a velvety feel, and it's a popular choice for clothing and upholstery.

The best thing about our corduroy fabrics is their versatility. With its strong texture, corduroy makes the perfect backdrop for a plain fabric, and there are plenty of colours to choose between.

Corduroy isn't meant to be dramatic, and we offer a beautiful collection of minks, brown, cream and beige colours that merge into any decor scheme. However, the Lilac Super Colour material could be perfect as quilting fabric.

Plain cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is so easy to work with, and its versatility makes it a perfect choice for designers. Whether you want to make clothing garments, upholstery covers or soft furnishings, our plain cotton fabrics don't disappoint.

Better still, they're available in bright colours, including Wiltshire Red which immediately catches your attention, or you can go for more neutral tones, including blue, grey and green.

Faux Leather fabric

Eternally popular as a high-end option for sofa covers and cushions, faux leather immediately exudes contemporary style. The best thing is, you can use this material and sell your products to vegans, too, because it's cruelty-free.

There are plenty of options, including our top-selling vinyl finish collection, which adds shine to any design. If you prefer suede effects, please feel free to take a look at the Suede Leather Effect collection.


Wool fabrics

Wool is a popular fabric because it's durable, elastic, and stretches without breaking. It is also absorbent and can absorb sweat and other moisture. Let's not forget that wool's a fantastic insulator and perfect for cold weather.

We have some fantastic colours, including deep purple, beige and different tones of brown.



There are many types of weave fabric, each with unique properties and uses. Plain weave is the most basic type and perfect for light, delicate fabrics like silk.

On the other hand, twill weave is suitable for heavy-duty fabrics such as denim.

Similarly, satin weave is known for its smooth, shiny surface and is ideal for formal wear.

Ultimately, the type of weave fabric you choose will depend on the specific needs of your project - but we have a great selection available.

For a burst of colour, check out our Durban Multicoloured weave, which is made of polyester and polyacrylic material. We also have the Madagascar Collection, with a linen composition ideal for a lighter texture.

Velvet fabrics

There's a reason velvet fabrics are usually plain; they don't need any patterns to make them stand out. The texture is so luxuriously soft and immediately adds depth to any design, making it perfect for a lavish finish.

Yes, velvet is the embodiment of royalty, and we have so many beautiful colours and styles to choose between. If you feel like something different, our Kansas Distressed range is ultra-chic grunge with greys, browns, and pale blues.

Or, choose from the Plaza Opulence collection, which has a regal appeal with ice blues, silvers and other neutral tones.


There are many benefits to shopping with us, including:

Quality fabrics from the best mills: We never compromise and have a strict inspection process.

Try before you buy: Don't waste money on fabrics. We offer a £1 mini sample or jumbo samples for a small extra charge.

Customer service: We started as a small business and still have that mentality. Our team go out of their way to offer you the best experience.