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Go Wild With These Stunning Animal Print Fabric Patterns 

Animal print fabric has been popular for decades, first coming to attention in the 1960s. While leopard patterns are timeless, we've seen a surge of interest in zebra and even giraffe print fabric in recent years.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we supply the highest quality fabrics for designers and upholsterers. Whether you're adding a new collection of bold cloths to your fashion brand or making furniture, you'll find everything you need here.

The 'Never Go Wrongs'

If you're looking for a range of fabrics that won't let you down, we offer all of the classic patterns. These prints are perfect for fashion designers or upholsterers because they're timeless in design and appeal.


Are you looking for the best leopard print fabrics? Our designs are traditional leopard spots that make a bold colour statement, or you can keep it classic and understated with black and grey spots. Don't forget to look at our faux fur leopard print, which is perfect for fashion.


There's something quite special about tiger and zebra print fabrics. They're bolder than leopard spots and make more of a statement. If you want to push your boundaries or inject some style into your upholstery, check out this awe-inspiring zebra print pattern for curtains.

Or, go really out there with tiger print curtain fabrics. Whatever you choose, these patterns never fail to disappoint, and they're perfect for cushions and clothing.

Snake & Crocodile Animal Prints

Our snake and croc prints are perfect for adding an extra touch of luxury to your designs. They're made from the highest quality materials, so you can be sure they'll last for years.

With a range of colours and textures to choose from, we have the perfect print for every project. Whether you need something classic or contemporary, you'll find it here. 

Snake Patterns

Snake patterns are wonderful because they have a contemporary appeal yet can also merge into traditional decor schemes. Our gold velvet pattern is perfect for creating sofas or cushions, while the python patterns always make a statement.

Crocodile Patterns

Our Nile print collection takes inspiration from one of the most exotic places in the world - and the animals that swim in its waters. These patterns manage to be understated while still offering a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

You can choose between subtle greys and browns or go for lighter shades, including our classic cream and gold Nile pattern.

Butterflies and Deer Prints

With such a vast collection of animal print materials available, you'll have no problems choosing suitable fabrics for your needs. If you're looking for a themed fabric, we stock a range of deer, butterfly, wolf and bird patterns.

These statement pieces are ideal for children's rooms, pubs and hotels - or you can also add some unique clothes to your line. For example, this wolf pattern is mysterious and beautiful, or you can choose a feminine purple butterfly print.

Why Shop With Yorkshire Fabric?

At Yorkshire Fabric, we provide high-quality fabrics to upholsterers and clothing brands at affordable prices. With so many years in this business, we're proud of the company we've managed to build and always strive to go the extra mile for each client.

Here's why so many people choose us.

Wide range of material choices

We always do our best to provide an extensive range of fabric choices, including chenille, velvet, weaves, wool and cotton. You can also find faux fur, leather and suede for more luxurious designs.

You need to use our fabric finder to source your ideal material and pattern, then place your order. It's that simple!

We only source fabrics from the highest quality mills 

We're not into finding cheap fabrics and selling them at high prices. Our commitment to quality sets us apart from other fabric providers, and we go out of our way to offer superior quality at a great price point.

Whether you're buying fabric for your home or a designer, you'll find our materials will create high-quality clothing and upholstery products.

Expert customer service team to support you every step of the way

It can be challenging to choose between our collection of fabrics, but we're here to make your search easier. Our friendly customer service team is always available to answer questions and help you - whether it's your first order or you're a regular client.

Cost-effective samples

There's no point in paying per metre when you want to try out a new fabric - and we let you do just that. Our small samples are just £1 each, or you can try a jumbo sample to experiment with different fabric types.

Ultimately, we want to give you complete flexibility and confidence that your chosen items will meet your design needs.

Choose Your Perfect Animal Print Fabric Today

With so many fabric patterns and materials on offer, you'll have no problem finding the right types for your designs. If you need any support, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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