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Patchwork Print Fabric: Out-of-the-box styles for truly unique designs

There's something extra special about patchwork fabrics. They ooze aesthetic appeal, and each brings a unique personality to any design. We guarantee these stunning patterns will impress if you want to make stand-out upholstery covers, curtains, cushions or quilts.

There's something for everyone, from bold and vibrant colour combinations to intricate patterns that embody rustic appeal.

Chenille patchwork fabrics

Chenille is a luxurious fabric many designers use for high-end quits, covers and upholstery. The supremely soft fabric twists and combines cotton and silk fibres to create a highly durable material with a beautiful texture.

If you're looking for a statement pattern, our Madagascar range brings the perfect combination of shapes and colours that will take centre stage in any room. There are plenty of colours to choose between, but one of our favourites is the geometric multicoloured pattern.

For something more subtle and contemporary, the Piccadilly collection is ideal. We offer a range of colours with this statement material, including teal and red, or keep it simple with black and white or grey variations.

Cotton quilting fabric

When it comes to quilting fabric, cotton is one of the best choices because it's extremely breathable. Natural fibre also offers incredible durability, and it's easy to work with, so designers love it.

As a quilting fabric, cotton is relatively inexpensive, and its soft texture means many people enjoy curling up on the sofa with their favourite quilt wrapped around them. However, don't think cotton is a one-trick pony because it can also create some stunning curtains and cushions.

The Bruges collection is one of the most popular in our range, and it combines neutral tones of browns and other earthy colours. The combination of brown and deep blue is one of our top sellers, while our geometric squares are better for contemporary patterns.

Lavish velvet

Something about velvet makes it feel luxurious, no matter where it appears. Other materials fade into the background when velvet's around because it's so elegant and soft. The material has been around for centuries, and it regularly appeared in royal households,

We make velvet with silk, cotton, rayon silk, or synthetic material, and you can choose between a wide range of colours. However, bright blues, deep reds and emerald greens come to life with this fabric and create a regal look.

One of our favourites in the range is the exquisite British Design Elegant Blue pattern, which features leopard print and other intricate patterns on deep blue background. Or, if you prefer a more streamlined aesthetic, the Amalfi grey, black and white design could be just what you're looking for.

Why buy patchwork fabric from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop?

There's no doubt that patchwork fabrics can enhance your designs, but you're probably asking yourself why should I choose the Yorkshire Fabric Shop? We're one of the longest-running fabric providers in the UK and began our journey in the small town of Batley, West Yorkshire, during the textile revolution.

Despite our growth, we still retain our small business values and refuse to compromise. Here's what you get when you choose us.

A wide selection of fabrics for all styles and tastes

Our patchwork fabrics come in an assortment of styles, perfect for making quilts, cushions and curtains. All you have to do is choose from our website categories, which include colour, pattern and material, to find the best fabric for your needs.

Get a sample for just £1.00

What's the point in buying by the metre when you don't know whether the fabric will work for your designs? When you shop with us, you can order a £1 mini sample or choose a larger sample, which usually costs around £12.00.

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