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Medallion Fabric: Celebrate style with this all-time favourite 

If you want to add some detail to your designs, nothing adds visual interest like the classic medallion pattern. Medallion fabrics feature a large central design, known as a medallion, surrounded by smaller motifs that complement the main print.

These medallions might be round, oval, or square and often placed off-centre within the fabric. The overall effect is a busy, detailed design that can add interest and richness to any project.

Our medallion patterns are perfect for quilts, curtains, and as an upholstery fabric, but they can also be adapted for clothing and other applications. With its timeless appeal, medallion pattern fabric is a popular choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their designs.

Chenille medallion fabric

Chenille is a soft, plush fabric perfect for various uses due to its incredibly smooth texture and durable nature. While many people use chenille for clothing garments and accessories, it's also ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings because it's comfortable and a good insulator.

Medallion patterns will always be popular, and we stock a range of beautiful designs for all style choices. Our modern collection is full of beautiful patterns, including the intricate and exciting Lomasi Metallic pattern, which adds great depth to any design.

Or, you could opt for something more traditional, like the Vegas Black & Gold Shine Effect fabric with a classic aesthetic.

Cotton upholstery fabric

Cotton upholstery fabric is a popular choice for furniture, as it's durable and easy to care for. Mills make the fabric by spinning fibres from the cotton plant, with the most popular variation being a plain weave, which offers more durability and has tear-resistant features.

When cotton fibres make a medallion pattern, the results are impressive and add a sensational richness to the simplest of colours. The Bruges Medallion Fabric combines neutral beige, blue and red tones, which complements the intricate shapes and brings the entire aesthetic to life.

Velvet drapery fabric

Velvet is one of the most luxurious and elegant fabrics available, perfect for creating a sophisticated. While it can look quite heavy, it's also surprisingly versatile and perfect for curtains or upholstery.

When choosing velvet drapery fabric, there are a few things to keep in mind, including the weight of the material and your favourite design. Due to its luxurious nature, velvet can take over a room, but the right pattern can complement your decor and add layers to the theme.

A top seller in our range is the Casablanca Medallion fabric, which can enhance your home decor and inject some colour with its burst of vibrant green tones. Or you can go for more muted tones, with popular combinations including navy blue, cream, beige and grey for a traditional aesthetic.

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Our fabric shop has been a fixture in the Yorkshire landscape for many years, and we've seen many changes. We started our journey as a small local fabric shop in the heart of Batley, West Yorkshire's textile hub, but have grown significantly over the years.

While many other fabric shops are no longer with us, our business remains a constant source of quality fabrics and yarns. We take pride in our history, and we're always happy to share stories with our customers about our shop's role in the county's rich tapestry.

Most importantly, we know that fabric is more than just a material - it's a part of our identity, and we're honoured to share that with the world.

There are many reasons to shop with us, and we guarantee it's an experience like no other.

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We supply fabrics throughout the United Kingdom, and there are plenty of patterns to choose between. From classic styles to more contemporary themes, you'll always find what you're looking for - and we guarantee it's of the highest quality.

Our experts regularly update our stock with unique drapery fabric and items to make slipcovers, kids blinds/curtains and much more.

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The quality of your fabric determines the look and feel of the finished product, and it also significantly impacts its durability. That's why we've always prioritised sourcing the highest quality fabrics for our garments and refuse to cut corners.

Our team of experts search for the best mills in the UK - and further afield - ensuring that we can offer you both originality and a durable solution for all your design needs.

Better still, each of our fabrics comes at a reasonable price.

Zero ambiguity

You want to find the best fabrics for your needs, but investing by the metre isn't always the best solution. Most of our customers want to know if a pattern will help them to create the aesthetic they want before buying, and we give you that opportunity with a £1 sample.

It's available with all of our patterns, and if you're interested in working with the fabric to see how it will perform, you can use a jumbo sample for a small extra cost.

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