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Classic houndstooth fabric for sophisticated designs.

Houndstooth fabric is a textile type characterised by its distinctive pattern of interlocking shapes. The most common houndstooth pattern consists of alternating black and white squares, although other colour combinations are popular too.

Traditionally, Houndstooth fabric uses wool as its primary material, but cotton and synthetic materials are also common. With its classical design, Houndstooth is an eternally popular pattern which always makes an impression.

There's no question that using this fabric can elevate your clothing and home decor designs, but choosing high-quality materials is essential.

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Think of the supreme quality of chenille, and you'll understand why it's such a popular material with this iconic pattern. Mills combine various materials, including wool, silk and cotton, weaving them together to enhance durability and create a soft finish.

We offer a range of stunning chenille patterns, including the Kimberley collection, which focuses on neutral tones for a classical/contemporary finish. Or, for a more rustic aesthetic, why not choose our Boxer Houndstooth pattern, which comes in deeper tones of brown, cream and orange.

Whether you use these patterns to create sofa covers, custom pillows or curtains, our Houndstooth chenille collection is the best way to inject some style into your designs.


Who says leather has to be boring? If you like the luxury appeal of leather, you'll love these fabric choices. They maintain their premium aesthetic while adding style with the Houndstooth pattern.

One of the many benefits of shopping with us is the sheer choice of fabrics we offer and our ability to provide something for everyone - including ethical leather. 

Faux leather continues to grow in popularity because it's a cruelty-free material, which ensures you can sell products to all consumers.

The Matrix collection makes a bold style statement, and it's perfect for upholstery. For a vivid aesthetic, we highly recommend purple or the sky blue colour, which is ideal for contemporary offices or bedrooms.

Plenty of choices are available, and we guarantee that our faux leather feels as good as the real thing.


Velvet houndstooth is a luxurious material with a rich texture and a slightly marbled appearance. The raised velvet piles give the fabric a distinctive look, and the houndstooth pattern provides visual interest.

Houndstooth is often seen in classic menswear garments, such as suits and overcoats, but our collection focuses on upholstery purposes. Whether you prefer traditional patterns or love art deco themes, you'll love how the Houndstooth pattern and premium quality of velvet combine.

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When you're looking for high-quality fabrics for your next project, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the best place to shop. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect pattern for your needs.

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We understand that the quality of our fabrics is essential to the finished product, which is why we only source material from the most reputable mills. While we began as a small Yorkshire business, our reputation means we now have established relationships with mills worldwide.

Quality is everything to us, and we guarantee that each fabric undergoes a strict inspection process before we add it to our website.

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We understand that knowing which fabrics will work for your projects can be challenging, and we offer a £1 sample. If you're working on a larger project, you can order jumbo samples for a small extra charge, which lets you see if your design ideas are feasible.

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Whether you're buying upholstery fabric or plan to make clothing items, we offer an extensive selection of suitable fabrics in all colours and styles. All you need to do is filter the categories by shades, patterns or materials and select your preferred sample.

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