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Floral and Flower Fabric: Bring the outdoors in

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we love helping customers incorporate elements of the outside world into their homes. Our abundant collection of floral fabrics help you do just that and make a great alternative to traditional fabrics used for upholstery, curtains or blinds.

With style trends forever changing, it's challenging to keep up, but one thing's for sure; flowers never go out of fashion.

Our stunning patterns range from subtle and feminine prints to bold and vibrant jungle themes, making them ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings.

Brilliant boucle

Soft, supple and highly durable, boucle is a favourite material for upholstery. Our supreme quality boucle fabrics come from the most reputable mills, and these designs always make an immediate impression.

While understated in nature, they make the perfect accompaniment to a minimalistic and classic interior decor scheme.

Classic chenille

While chenille is renowned as an optimum material for extra warmth, it's also incredibly lightweight and soft. The unique fabric that gets its name from the French word for caterpillar pairs perfectly with floral patterns and offers excellent durability.

We offer a range of chenille floral fabric patterns, including the contemporary Frisco Stem collection, which pairs bold colours with subtle geometric elements.

Or you can take advantage of the stunningly complex Zamorin Weave Patchwork pattern that combines a vibrant colour palette with intricate floral patterns.

The best thing about chenille fabric is its sheer versatility, and we pay homage to it by offering an extensive range of sensational patterns for all style preferences.

Cool cotton

Cotton isn't just for clothing (although you could use our cotton patterns for that purpose); it's perfect for upholstery too. The lightweight fabric is highly breathable and soft, making it a popular choice for bed linen, cushions, slipcovers and blinds.

For a cheerful kitchen, why not order a sample of our Belvedere Plant Print, which is ideal for curtains and blinds. The pattern brightens up any room without overcrowding and creates a rustic aesthetic.

The Monet Floral pattern creates a more muted look with its tasteful blue and cream combination of colours, or you can bring out nature's elements by choosing a design from our beautiful earthy tones.

Lavish leather

Our leather patterns are perfect for upholstery and immediately create an impression. Better still, you can save money on faux fabrics without compromising on the luxurious appeal leather provides.

We decided to keep it simple with these fabrics because the leather looks best when small elements complement its base colours, and that's exactly what you get here.

Available in deep brown, black or silver, these simple floral fabrics won't disappoint.

Vivacious velvet

Velvet needs no introduction; it's one of the most popular fabric choices in the world. The wonderfully soft texture, and the natural sheen it achieves while maintaining a rich colour, are just two reasons designers love working with velvet.

Let's not forget that it's not just for curtains either, because velvet is also experiencing a resurgence in the fashion industry.

We offer a range of velvet patterns, but what sets these fabrics apart is the depth of colour they achieve. For a proper salute to nature with a premium twist, you won't be able to resist the Forest Green pattern, which is laser cut to ensure a seamless finish.

If you prefer bolder colours, we have vibrant pinks and purple and red fabrics, which are sure to impress. Another favourite is the eye-catching and ultra-modern Carnival Jungle fabric, which pairs well with contemporary decor, and comes in numerous patterns.

There are many benefits to buying floral fabrics from us, including:

Access to high-quality fabrics: We never compromise on quality, and each of our floral fabric patterns comes from the most reputable mills in the world. 

Cost-effective samples: £1 for a mini sample and a small extra charge for a jumbo sample.

Dedicated customer service team: Our friendly fabric specialists are always on hand to offer support.

Choose your perfect floral fabric pattern today

Shopping with Yorkshire Fabric couldn't be easier, and our convenient service lets you buy by the metre, so you only pay for what you need. With so many beautiful patterns available at cost-effective prices, we're confident you'll find everything you need.

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