Collection: Fabric - Geometric

Geometric fabric always makes a bold statement

Do you want to take contemporary designs to new levels? Are you looking for something different from traditional stripes, dots and floral patterns? Our vibrant geometric fabrics always make an instant impression and can brighten up any piece of furniture or room.

The best thing about geometric fabrics? They're a cost-effective way to add some colour to any room without spending a fortune on a complete re-decoration project.

With so many patterns and colours, you can change drab to daring and conventional to extraordinary.

Choose the perfect modern geometric fabric for your next project

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop enables you to filter patterns by material, colour scheme and purpose, so you'll always find what you need here. Our fabrics come from reputable mills, giving you the perfect combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Which one will you choose?

Boucle fabrics

Boucle is renowned for its silky soft texture and superior design. The fabric gets its name from the French word for looped/curled. Manufacturers take two types of yarn, each with different tensions and combine them to make boucle fabrics.

The final result is a highly durable fabric with either loose curls or tighter curls, which is ideal for throws, cushions and sofas.

We offer a range of boucle fabrics in geometric patterns. Minimalism is key with these designs, and the muted colour combinations ensure the intricate patterns speak for themselves.

Choose between grey, black, cream and red patterns and let this soft and supple material become a focal point in any room.

Chenille fabrics

Another fabric that gets its name from France, chenille, has a distinctively fuzzy feel, almost like a caterpillar. Chenille is a highly popular material for the colder months, as it's heavier than cotton or silk, and the unique manufacturing process ensures a strong fabric that will last.

Its soft texture makes the chenille stand out, making it the perfect choice for upholstery and clothing.

Our selection of chenille fabrics is perfect for minimalist designs. The subtle patterns and colour combinations assure a vibrant and streamlined aesthetic for contemporary homes.

Or, if you're more the go big or go home kind of designer, we have some sensationally bright patterns available.

The Peacock collection will brighten any room with its vivid colour combinations of bright pink, blue and yellow.

One of our favourite chenille fabrics is the stunning Pasha Stained Mosaic which perfectly integrates intricate patterns and colours to make a fabric that will always steal the show.

There are so many choices available; all you have to do is try to choose the right one for you (well, we didn't say this would be easy).

Cotton fabrics

Renowned for its breathability and soft texture, cotton is one of the most popular fabric materials in the world. While many people associate cotton with clothing, it's also a versatile upholstery fabric, especially for sofas and cushions.

Cotton is easy to clean and maintain, but it also achieves a high-quality finish lighter than most materials, making it the perfect choice for linen and slipcovers.

Our cotton fabric geometric patterns come in various designs, so if you like to get creative, this is where you want to be.

For example, the Bruges London collection takes inspiration from the skyline, and it could be the perfect way to add some depth and detail to any interior design project.

Or you can keep things fun and colourful with our Pink Colour House pattern, which could create a blind or curtains for a quintessentially rustic kitchen.

Of course, you can keep things simple with our shape patterns embodying the more intricate and muted geometric design elements.

Faux leather fabrics

Leather will always be a sought-after material, but it can also be controversial. Some people will avoid leather as it's an animal-derived material, while others might prefer a more cost-effective alternative.

That's where faux leather comes in.

These fabrics have the luxurious appeal of leather without the hefty price tag. Better still, anyone can enjoy faux leather, as it's a favoured material choice for upholstery and clothing.

Faux leather is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent material for sofas and chairs.

Our leather patterns are more simplistic in design, but you can choose between neutral tones, such as creams, browns and deep blues or lively pinks, greens and bright blues.

Velvet fabrics

Velvet is the epitome of luxury, and this fabric knows how special it is. Renowned for rich colours and a supremely smooth texture, the fabric always creates a high-end finish.

It's no secret that velvet is a premium material that immediately enhances any interior, making it ideal for luxury hotels, spas, curtains and other soft furnishings.

Is velvet more expensive than other materials? Yes.

Does the result justify the higher price per metre? Absolutely. But you can decide for yourself by ordering a sample.

We have a mixture of velvet patterns, including the Kyoto Argyle fabric, which is a splendid combination of rich pink background, and tasteful white elements.

Another favourite among contemporary enthusiasts is the 3D effect Akita patterns, which add depth and intrigue to any aesthetic without compromising the overall finish.

With so many patterns for all style trends, you won't have any problem finding the perfect velvet geometric fabric for your needs.

There are many benefits to shopping for geometric fabrics with us

The Yorkshire Fabric shop is as much part of Batley, West Yorkshire's history as the Fox's Biscuit Factory and the many mills that turned a small town into an industrial hub during the early 1900s.

We're proud of our rich heritage and began our journey as a small shop, selling fabric from the most reputable local mills.

While things have changed, and our company now sources fabrics from global mills and operates nationally, we still maintain our core values and community spirit.

Shopping with us means you can choose from an assortment of fabrics for all price points and genuinely bespoke service.

We may have grown, but with us, it's always personal.

Samples available with all of our fabric choices

You want to know the fabric you choose will look its best and perform well for its intended use. We offer cost-effective samples with all of our fabrics, so you can try each material out before deciding.

If you want to know how a particular fabric will look and feel, a small 10cm x 6cm sample will give you an idea, costing just £1. However, we also offer 125cm x 20cm jumbo samples for an extra fee, which are ideal for designers to evaluate whether the material will suit their needs.

On-trend patterns and timeless designs

There's no set style for geometric fabrics, but we go out of our way to ensure there's something for everyone at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Our diverse team travels far and wide to source unique traditional and contemporary geometric patterns, but we also keep our eyes on the latest trends.

If you're an upholsterer or designer, you can rest assured that our range will always be on point and in style.

Quality first, always

As a long-standing business in an ever-changing environment, we attribute our longevity to our quality-first mentality. Cheap fabrics might seem like a good idea, but they won't offer any durability and never look as good as quality fabrics.

In contrast, we don't believe in over-pricing our fabrics and always offer accessible materials and patterns for all budgets.

Choose the perfect geometric pattern for your next project

Shopping with us couldn't be easier, and we always aim to get your fabric samples to you ASAP. Each fabric is cut to size, so all you have to do is decide which patterns and materials are suitable for your designs.

Our friendly team is always available if you'd like some assistance. Please contact us through the website or drop us a line.