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Are you searching for fabrics that are fire-resistant and look beautiful? Are you sick of waiting for your materials to receive a fire treatment? Well, there's no compromising at The Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

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What Are Flame Retardant Fabrics?

Most people will know that fires spread quickly, and once upon a time - curtains were a significant issue in residential and commercial properties. When these curtains catch fire, they would be catalysts for a quick spread, damaging the rest of the building and even causing fatalities.

Flame retardant fabrics are designed to self-extinguish when near an open flame due to advanced chemical treatments that protect them from fires.

While some fabrics don't burn at all, others will have a longer resistance time, which means they're less likely to ignite when exposed to open flames, so emergency services can often arrive on time to reduce the damage from a fire.

There are two types of fire retardant fabrics, including chemically treated materials and inherent fabric.

Chemically Treated Fabrics.

When a standard fabric becomes fire retardant, it goes through treatment with a chemical solution to enhance its resistance. There are two methods of chemical treatment; coating and dipping.

Chemical dipping.

Chemical-dipped fabrics are placed into a solution that coats the material and creates a shield between it and the flames. As the fabrics are soaked in the chemical solution, they're highly durable and provide extra protection.

Coating technique.

The coating technique is similar to chemical dipping, as it uses the same solution, but manufacturers add a coating instead of thoroughly soaking the fabric. It's still effective, but some people note that the material has a firmer feel, making dipping the more popular method.

Inherent Flame-Retardant Fabric.

If a fabric is FR naturally, it initially possesses qualities that make it flame resistant. For example, some fabrics have better fibre structures than others to withstand extreme heat and open flames.

Kevlar and wool are naturally resistant fabrics, so they don't require additional treatments.

These inherently fire-retardant materials are ideal for residential properties, but commercial businesses might opt for a chemically treated fabric to ensure extra protection.


Why choose fire-retardant fabrics?

There are numerous reasons why fire retardant upholstery fabrics are better than standard fabrics. Let's take a look at them.

Lower fire risks.

One of the primary benefits of flame-retardant fabrics is that they can help to reduce the risk of fire. Flame retardant fabrics use chemicals that help to prevent or delay the spread of fire.

When we consider the damage fires can cause, it's clear that preventative measures are better than risking the costs associated with reconstruction after a fire. These fabrics can save you a lot of money and prevent fires from spreading.

Increased safety.

Fires can be life-changing, with severe burns and fatalities being common consequences. Flame retardant fabrics can help to protect people from suffering severe injuries when a fire occurs.

When you consider the devastations of fires, even five extra minutes can be the difference between life and death, so curtains and upholstery with fire resistance will be beneficial.

Improved Fire Performance.

In addition to reducing fire risk and increasing safety, flame-retardant fabrics also improve fire performance.

Flame retardant fabrics can resist burning and self-extinguish when exposed to flames, enhancing the fabric's performance in a fire situation.

More Durable.

Flame retardant fabrics are also typically more durable than non-flame retardant fabrics, as the chemicals used to make them can withstand high temperatures and repeated flame exposure.

As a result, fire-retardant fabrics typically have a longer lifespan than other fabrics.

They're suitable for numerous uses.

There are many uses for fire retardant fabrics, including their ability to serve as upholstery and clothing accessories. They're also popular in hotel rooms, where the safety of each guest is the most important thing for businesses.

Fire retardant fabrics can also serve as protective gear for people who work around flammable materials, so there's so much you can do with them.

Flame-retardant curtain fabrics.

Curtains are central to any home, and they often appear alongside blinds. Their main job is to block out the light and retain heat in a room - but we all know that curtains are also a style statement for many designers.

Choosing the suitable curtain fabric means you can ensure you reduce your energy bills and enjoy them for years to come.

From woven materials to polyester, cotton, wool and velvet, you'll find a vast selection of curtains with fire retardancy features.

Upholstery fabrics.

Upholstery fabrics are textile materials that cover furniture. They come in various colours, patterns, and textures and can be made from natural or synthetic fibres. Natural fibres such as cotton and wool are durable and breathable, making them ideal for use in upholstery.

Synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon are also durable but can be less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

When choosing an upholstery fabric, it is crucial to consider the intended use. For example, a material used frequently in a busy household may need to be more durable than one in a guest room.

Choose from a range of fire retardant fabric choices with The Yorkshire Fabric Shop

When it comes to finding the right fire-resistant fabrics, we have an extensive collection that's sure to grab your attention.

These fabrics might be practical, and a scientific solution to one of the most damaging events a property can ever go through, but that doesn't mean they can't exude style.

All you have to do is choose the fabric you like and add a flame retardant treatment before checking out.


Which fabric will you choose?

Minimalistic masterpieces.

Plain fabrics don't have to be boring, especially when they combine bold colours with lavish textures. If you're after something that enhances your space without taking anything away from the décor, you can't go wrong with these beautiful upholstery materials.

From deep reds and blues to brighter tones of green and turquoise, you can maximise the aesthetic appeal of your designs and still benefit from everything these fabrics offer.

Patchwork fabrics.

While many people don't think of patchwork as a material, it can be beneficial for curtain fabrics as the designs are unique. We chose these patterns carefully, with each colour and intricate design bringing something original to the table.

If you're a fan of lavish designs, the London Print collection offers so much in terms of upmarket style and en-vogue trends.

Animal print fabrics.

Animal prints and patterns are a great way to add a touch of personality to your home. Thanks to the wide range of animal-themed fabrics available, it's easy to find the perfect pattern to suit your style.

From playful and quirky to chic and sophisticated, there's an animal print fabric to suit every taste. Of course, you can always go for a classic leopard print which works perfectly as a furniture cover or opt for a unique twist with our crocodile fabrics.

Patterned fabrics.

Patterned fabrics are ideal if you want your upholstery or curtains to become focal points of the room. They enhance minimalistic décor schemes and can make a big impression wherever they appear.

With so many patterns available, there's something for everyone. Stripes will always be eternally popular, but choosing Herringbone patterns can also take your interior to a new level.

Alternatively, opt for a traditional look with floral print textiles that are ideal for a rustic aesthetic.


Why buy flame retardant fabric from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop?

At The Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we gather the best fabrics from around the world and make them affordable to designers and people who want to make their own upholstery covers and curtains.

There's nothing like putting your stamp on a room; our fabrics let you do just that. Having started our journey many years ago, in the centre of Yorkshire's fabric industry, our small shop is still going strong and continuing to grow.

When you purchase fire retardant fabrics from us, you can take advantage of a textile provider who always goes the extra mile for each customer.

Try before you buy.

Before buying a lot of fabric, you should have the right to test it out to see whether the material performs well. We offer cost-effective small or jumbo samples for an extra charge with all of our designs.

Our fabrics are thoroughly tested.

Our fire retardant fabrics undergo numerous tests to ensure they perform well. You can rest assured that any treatment they receive will deliver open flame resistance, so they're suitable for businesses and residential households.

Dedicated customer service team.

Whether you're looking for natural fibres, stain-resistant fabrics or anything else, our expert team is always on hand to offer advice and support. We aim to provide a convenient shopping experience for all our customers and can help you choose the right materials for your needs.

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