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Herringbone Print Fabric: The timeless pattern that brings your designs to life

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we stock a multitude of classic pattern fabrics to help give your home a polished look. Our range of herringbone fabrics offer a subtle textured finish to any upholstery project in your home.

Whether you're looking for a bright orange to take centre stage or a muted tone of beige to blend in, we have something suitable for any occasion. Available in chenille, leather and wool, this timeless pattern never fails to make an impression.

The perfect pattern for a traditional aesthetic

Herringbone goes back to Ancient Rome, which was used for paths and road systems. The unique geometric pattern assured stability and enabled the Romans to create a complex infrastructure and grow their empire.

The unique weaving process gives herringbone fabric its name, as the pattern forms a V shape that resembles the backbone of a herring fish.

Designers use it for various purposes, including upholstery, clothing and flooring. You'll probably associate herringbone fabric with traditional men's suits because it creates a subtle but intricate finish and is highly popular for formal wear.

However, herringbone is versatile, and people use it as a flooring pattern because it adds depth to a room without crowding the other design elements.

With an assortment of herringbone fabrics available, you can choose between more subtle tones or vibrant colours complementing a contemporary aesthetic.

Chenille herringbone

Pairing the softness of chenille with a herringbone pattern is bound to make an impression, and these stunning designs leave little to the imagination. They immediately stand out, and you'll notice the pattern comes to life when paired with the right colour combination.

If you're looking for a high-end chenille pattern, our Majesty Herringbone Weave pattern combines rich reds and browns to create a lavish finish, perfect for upholstery and soft furnishings.

Other popular colours in the Majesty Collection include more subtle creams, greys and browns. Choose your favourite combinations and take advantage of our £1.00 samples so you can see the supreme quality of each fabric and find the perfect patterns for your needs.

Leather herringbone

With its high-quality feel and natural sheen, leather will always have its place in interior design. However, the expensive price tag and ethical ambiguity mean designers are searching for ways to recreate the premium look of leather while making their designs accessible for everyone.

Luckily, faux leather is more than willing to pick up the slack, and our fabrics look as good as they feel. The overall finish is as good as the real thing, but faux leather is more versatile and comes in many bright colours.

Why not try our Rodeo Basket Weave collection for a bold and contemporary statement? The colours certainly don't shy away from the spotlight! Top-selling shades include ultra-feminine bright pink and teal blue, but you can keep it simple with more neutral colours.

Wool herringbone

The best thing about wool as a fabric is its versatility. Clothes designers love working with wool because it's highly adaptable and creates high-quality tops and coats that withstand the test of time. Wool can be the perfect choice for sofas, cushions and throws because - in design terms -it's always in vogue.

Better still, wool is the perfect platform for rich colours to shine, and we offer some beautiful tones. One of our favourites is the Torwood Soft Wool in Burgundy, which looks as supreme as it feels.

You can also take advantage of the beautiful blue/grey fabric or bring your design ideas to life with the Torwood Brown fabric.

Why buy herringbone fabric from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop?

When shopping for fabrics, you want to ensure quality is never a question. Unfortunately, textiles aren't all made equal and vary in aesthetic appeal and durability, but we go out of our way to ensure you get great prices on fabrics that won't disappoint you.

As one of the UK's longest-standing fabric shops, we attribute our success to an unyielding commitment to perfection. Our experts test each fabric extensively before it becomes available for you to buy and guarantee value for money, always.

Here are just some of the reasons that our loyal customers keep shopping with us.

We work with the best mills in the UK and further afield

When you start a small business, you learn two things:

1. Quality is everything

2. Many customers prefer the personalised service small businesses can offer

While we've grown into a nationally recognised fabric provider, we still maintain our commitment to giving our customers the best experience. As part of our service, we ensure the mills we work with are thoroughly reputable and create superior quality fabrics.

When you shop with us, you can rest assured that anything you buy will exceed your expectations. Whether you're making furniture covers, curtains, cushions or clothing, these fabrics won't let you down.

Save money before you buy

We understand that you want to see whether a specific material works for you before purchasing and offer cost-effective samples with all of our herringbone fabrics. 'A small sample costs just £1.00, but you can buy a jumbo sample to try out the material.

Once you decide on your perfect herringbone fabric, it's cut to size by us, and we price per metre, so you only buy what you need.

A dedicated team of professionals

Whether this is your first order or you're a regular customer, we always ensure you get the best possible experience. Our team are always on hand to help you choose suitable fabrics for your needs and answer any questions you might have.

Ordering with us couldn't be easier. Once you find the perfect herringbone fabric, you can choose your size requirements, and we'll get it to you ASAP.

Shop Herringbone fabric today

With so many stunning fabric choices available, we're confident you'll find everything you need here and more. If you'd like some support with your search or have delivery questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

We're available through the website contact form or feel free to drop us a line.