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Celebrate everything this beautiful pattern offers with our paisley fabric.

Paisley fabric is one of the most popular patterns around, and it first came to the western world's attention during the 18th century. You'll notice that paisley has distinctly curved patterns that some people compare to commas.

Our range of paisley fabrics is about as diverse as the pattern itself is, with plenty of colours and materials to choose between.

Whether you're looking for something to make your soft furnishings stand out or want to create beautiful upholstery covers, we have some awe-inspiring designs available.


Chenille designs.

Chenille is one of the most popular materials around, getting its name from the French word for caterpillar. It's renowned for its soft, fuzzy texture and can be perfect for upholsterers to use for their designs.

Our chenille paisley fabric performs well for any purpose, and the unique nature of the material means you get to combine durability with aesthetic appeal. The Colarto collection is the embodiment of classic style with contemporary colours.

Some awe-inspiring colour combinations, including red and blue, add a burst of colour to even the simplest of designs. For a salute to rustic design, you should look at our Istanbul Range, with combines subtle colours with intricate paisley patterns.

Cotton paisley fabric.

No matter what technological advances come along, we guarantee that cotton will continue to be a sought-after material. It's soft, highly breathable and versatile for numerous uses, including upholstery, clothing and soft furnishings.

We have a small collection of cotton paisley designs but plan to add to it soon. You can now choose between red, green, brown and black fabrics.

Velvet paisley patterns.

Do you want to add a luxurious element to your designs? Nothing says high-end like velvet, and it's perfect for designs that love to work with premium materials. The supremely soft fabric symbolises royalty, and it's long been a favourite choice among the elite.

Today, it's suitable for every budget, and we're confident you'll love these lavish patterns. For a more minimalistic style, why not look at our Phoenix Laser Cut patterns, which come in a range of teal, blue, purple and red colours?

Wool paisley designs.

You might not think that wool and paisley are the best combinations, but our fabrics prove it works. Wool is an excellent insulator, as it keeps you warm in cold weather, but it can also cool you down during the summer months.

For this reason, wool is ideal for soft furnishings and curtains because it will perform well for a long time. We offer paisley wool fabrics in neutral tones to celebrate the natural appeal of this colour.

Why buy paisley fabrics from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop?

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Quality is key.

The problem with cheap fabrics is they often lack durability, and any items you create with them won't stand the test of time. We take our commitment to quality seriously and test each paisley fabric before introducing it to our stock line.


Try before buying.

If it's your first order for new material, you probably want to test it out properly, and we offer samples for a small price. You can order a mini sample for £1 or a larger piece of fabric to see if it will work for your designs.


Supportive customer service team.

We pride ourselves on customer service, and our team always goes out of their way to ensure you get the best possible support. Whether you want advice on which type of fabric is right for your needs or need to find a way to bring your vision to life, we're here to help.


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