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Down to Earth & Sophisticated, brown fabric is perfect for upholstery 

When it comes to popular colours, brown might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it's the perfect shade for balance and simplicity. Brown can be a sign of connection with the natural world, with its earthy tones, but it also balances vibrant shades perfectly.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop stocks a range of brown fabrics for upholstery purposes. Whether you want to revamp your home or provide upholstery for others, we have an impressive selection of shades, patterns and materials.


Brown Upholstery Fabric

The majority of our fabrics suitable for upholstery are made of tweed. Perhaps most popular in Irish and Scottish style, tweed is a thick woollen fabric that often comes with a pattern.

In recent years, mills have combined the base material of wool with cotton or rayon because both have unique qualities. While tweed is a popular fabric for clothing, it can also be ideal for upholstering chairs or curtains.

This highly durable material offers many benefits, including resisting stains and odours. We stock an assortment of tweed fabrics, but here are some of the most popular at our shop.

If you'd prefer to make a subtle style statement, we'd recommend the Norfolk Soft Velvet style which features a deep brown colour, or the Tanzania Soft Velvet pattern.

Whatever you choose, our high-quality fabrics will be the perfect solution to enhance your worn upholstery.


Curtain Fabric That Emphasises The Colour Brown

Brown might not be your first thought for curtains, but it can be a sophisticated solution for an attention grabbing room that needs to be muted down. We have a selection of curtain fabrics for all styles, so whether you prefer subtle statements or like to stand out, you'll find something for your needs.

For a sophisticated look, we recommend the Ankara Floral Pattern, which pairs deep brown tones with lighter flowers. shade that pairs perfectly with other colours.


Sustainable Fabrics

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need for sustainable living, many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. One area where this is becoming apparent is in the textile industry.

Sustainable fabrics come from recycled materials and they're more environmentally friendly that other options. Don't think they lack style and quality though, because our recycled fabrics look incredible.

Take a look at the Hoover Boucle collection, which offers colours such as mink, natural stone or deeper brown tones.


Contract Fabric

Contract fabrics meet the rules and regulations set in place by the fabrics market. These fabrics are ideal for commercial businesses, in the hospitality industry as they meet fire safety standards and offer enhanced durability.

However, contract fabrics also come in a range of designs, including floral patterns and animals, so you can still add some personality to complement your decor.


Why Choose The Yorkshire Fabric Shop For Brown Fabric?

At The Yorkshire Fabric shop, we believe that quality doesn't have to cost lots of money, which is why we offer a range of fabrics from mills across the UK at reasonable prices. As one of the UK's most popular fabric merchants, you might have seen our fabrics gracing the red carpet!

Over 3000 Fabrics to Choose From

We have an impressive collection of fabrics for designers and manufacturers at an excellent price. Many of our styles compliment each other and represent everything, from traditional and elegant to quirky.

Whether you're looking for furniture fabrics or want to explore quirky stripes and country patterns, we have everything you'll ever need here.


Multi coloured fabric

Brown doesn't need to be boring, and out customers love the range of multi coloured fabrics, which are perfect for making cushions and adding some inspiration to plain decor schemes.

For example, you can mix it with green for an outdoor theme, or use metallic colours to enhance the luxurious aesthetic of our brown fabric.


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Partnerships With Quality Mills

Our team only supply fabric from reputable mills and refuse to compromise on our passion for quality fabric, even if other clothes come at a lower price. Our experts test everything we source, so you can rest assured that your material will be durable and adapt well to your chosen designs.


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