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Striped Fabric is Bold, Bright and Forever Fashionable 

Striped fabrics never go out of style, and we're proud to offer a wide variety of beautiful patterns and colour combinations, perfect for any project. Whether you are looking for upholstery fabric or clothing materials, our collection provides everything you'll need.

From horizontal patterns to chevrons and vertical stripes, our fabrics are suitable for traditional and modern designs. They're also of the highest quality and will offer excellent durability, enabling you to make the most of your designs.

Boucle striped fabric

Boucle is a unique fabric type due to its knotted or looped surface. Renowned for its durability and high-quality finish, this fabric is perfect for upholstery, combining wool, rayon, cotton and other fibres.

The first thing most people notice with boucle is its unique textured appearance, and stripes can add some visual interest to the surface. If you're looking for something ultra-contemporary, look at our Tribal Striped pattern, which combines shades of black and beige.

We also have more subtle patterns, ideal for a timeless modern/minimalist aesthetic.

Chenille stripes

Chenille is the way to go if you like to add a touch of luxury to your designs. Its unique construction process requires a range of yarns, which mills weave together to create a smooth and fuzzy finish.

You'll often see chenille taking centre stage in numerous designs, including home decor, upholstery and fashion. These fabrics are also perfect for those colder months, as they're excellent insulators.

As chenille is a popular material choice, we stock an expansive selection of stiped patterns, including the Nile Chevron collection, with metallic stripes that take the famous pattern to a new level.

Or, why not inject some colour into your designs? The Luther Striped Pattern combines vibrant red, blue, silver and yellow tones but balances them perfectly to create a statement piece that will immediately catch the eye.

Cotton stripes

Nothing says summer like a crisp cotton stripe. The simple yet chic pattern is perfect for everything from sofa cushions to duvet covers, and its timeless appeal means that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Cotton stripes are also highly versatile in interior design, as you can combine them with other patterns and textures to create a truly unique look. Stripes also suit a nautical theme and add visual depth to an otherwise plain room without drowning it.

Our California Collection is highly popular for a minimalist aesthetic. You can choose between cream beige and neutral tones or use the deep orange fabric to create a Moroccan theme.

We also bring stripes of life in our eternally popular Bruges collection with the Multi Geometric Striped Pattern.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our cotton fabrics will consistently deliver on quality and price.

Faux leather striped fabric

Faux leather striped fabrics are an excellent choice for interior designers because they look and feel like genuine leather without the hefty price tag. These striped fabrics are easy to clean and add a contemporary twist to your designs, making them the perfect choice for upholstery.

We're all about the zebra stripes here, and while leopard and cheetah prints are eternally popular, zebra is a unique pattern.

Velvet striped fabrics

Nothing says high-end like velvet, and it will always be a popular choice for curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings. Don't forget that velvet is also a favourite among fashion designers, as it creates a luxurious aesthetic and has a smooth finish.

Manufacturers create this fabric by weaving different textures, such as cotton and silk, which provides durability and gives velvet a uniquely soft feel. We have a range of beautiful velvet fabrics to choose between, including the Modern Geometric Cut, which combines unique stripes with bold colours.

Why buy striped fabric from us?

At The Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we specialise in providing high-quality fabrics for designers and people who enjoy making their soft furnishings. Our journey began many years ago in the heart of Batley, West Yorkshire, and we've been as much a part of the town as the many mills that made it famous.

While many traditional fabric shops have gone, we're still here, serving customers around the UK. There are many benefits to shopping with us, including:

A commitment to quality

We don't believe in low-quality fabrics, and each cloth on our website undergoes a strict evaluation process. If it's not woven to perfection, we don't want it.

Cost-effective, always

Your search won't be easy with so many colours and patterns available. We take some of the stress away by offering a £ 1 sample so that you can test a range of styles. You can also get a jumbo sample for an extra charge, showing how the fabric will work for your designs.

Fully bespoke

Each fabric is fully bespoke, and we offer a made-to-measure service. You pay by the metre, ensuring you only spend money on what you need and can save money in the process.

Browse our classic striped fabrics

Whether adding some life to the soft furnishings in children's bedrooms or injecting some visual interest into a minimalist interior theme, we're confident you'll love shopping with us.

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