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Add some luxury to your designs with stunning Damask fabric 

Damask is a type of fabric that combines numerous materials to create an intricate pattern that aligns with both traditional and contemporary style preferences. Mills use a Jacquard loom to create the pattern, and it's one of the oldest fabrics in the world.

In fact, specialists believe it originated in Ancient China but became popular in the Middle Ages.

With its elegant aesthetic appeal and reversible features, this fabric is highly durable and an eternally popular choice for interior designers.

As one of the UK's premier fabric suppliers, we love damask because it's versatile and can bring numerous designs to life. Everything we sell comes from the most reputable mills, and we take great pride in our stunning selection of damask fabrics.

Our damask fabric is perfect for:

Clothing: Decorative jackets and classic evening gowns can bring the damask pattern to life.

Soft furnishings: Curtains and sofa covers for traditional decor schemes.

Accessories: Scarves and handbags are always the perfect platforms to showcase damask fabric.

Linen: Table cloths and duvet covers are popular items to sell as the pattern adds detail and depth.

Chenille damask

Chenille fabric is renowned for its soft, velvety surface. The cloth is made from a combination of cotton and silk, which gives it a unique look and feel, so many designers choose chenille to add a touch of luxury to their designs.

The perfect combination of chenille and the infamous damask patterns will undoubtedly bring any design to life, and our collection is ideal for furniture. If you prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, our Ayon Damask collection combines rich shades with metallic threads for the ultimate finish.

Or, why not add a touch of rustic charm to your interior with our Komkotar Fabric, which features bold colours that bring an intricate pattern to life.

Cotton damask patterns

Cotton damask is a type of fabric popular in the textile production industry. It's perfect for tablecloths and napkins, and some people use it as a damask curtain fabric because cotton keeps a room cool.

Our damask cotton fabrics are manufactured to the highest possible quality, and we offer a range of colours for all style preferences. The Starla Flat Weave collection is ultra-modern, perfectly combining subtle damask patterns in neutral tones.

Or you can embrace a more intricate and vibrant pattern, such as the Bruges Cotton Damask collection, which could be the perfect solution for custom curtains that highly the complex weaving techniques damask uses.

Velvet damask curtain fabric

Velvet damask is a luxurious fabric with a rich history, while damask is a weave that creates a subtle design by using different thread colours. As you can imagine, these two make the perfect pair and create stunning curtains with excellent insulation features.

We offer a wide range of stunning damask patterns that will keep your home warm during the winter and add some luxury to the interior. These velvet fabrics are woven to perfection, so why not celebrate everything velvet has to offer by investing in our Apple Green Alvaro fabric?

Or embrace the unique Tribal Damask fabric, which adds a modern twist to an eternally popular pattern.

There's so much on offer, and velvet as material never fails to make an impression.

Damask weaves

Woven damask fabrics have a slightly raised texture, making ideal curtains, blinds or cushions. If you're looking for a fabric choice that ensures durability, our woven patterns won't disappoint you.

These synthetic damask fabrics are expertly designed, with no stone left unturned, and we simply had to have them in our collection. The stunning gradients and damask pattern create the perfect tapestry curtains to bring your interior to life.

Whether you choose a natural brown and cream colour combination or our damask pattern with hints of blue, this fabric immediately catches your eye.

There Are Many Benefits To Shopping At The Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Our adventure began many years ago as a small shop in the heart of Yorkshire's emerging textile production industry. The cobbled streets of Batley, West Yorkshire, have seen many changes since we first began selling fabric to the public, but we're one of the businesses that have stood the test of time.

While we continue to grow and supply fabric across the UK, we retain our small-town mentality because we know that makes us different from other fabric suppliers.

When you shop with us, you can take advantage of numerous benefits.

Customer-first, always

Whether you're a regular or new customer, we always go out of our way to offer the best advice and support. Our team are always available to help you with your search and can assist you in choosing from our many damask collections.

With us on your side, you'll always find suitable fabrics for your needs.

Sample before you buy

We have fabrics in every colour you can imagine, and we completely understand that you'll want to sample our textiles before making a purchase. For this reason, we offer a £1 or a jumbo sample if you want to see whether the damask fabric suits your needs.

Our damask fabric is a true testament to the innovative Jacquard loom

The Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom that uses a series of punched cards to create complex patterns. Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented the machine in 1804, and it quickly became an essential tool for the textile industry as it facilitated the mass production of intricate designs.

Today, people still use the Jacquard loom to create a variety of textiles, from high-end fashion to upholstery and carpeting. The machine remains an integral part of the textile industry, and its legacy lives on in each seen beautiful fabric it creates.

All of our damask fabrics come from high-quality mills, and that's something we refuse to compromise on.

Choose your damask fabric today

Damask might be old, but it will always be a classic and designers continue to use it because they know it embodies style. If you're looking for a sophisticated pattern that will bring your designs to life, we have beautiful fabrics in various materials.

All you have to do is choose which one is right for you, and we'll cut the fabric to size. Shop today for great savings, speedy delivery and the opportunity to see what our damask fabric can do for your designs.