How Do You Protect A Velvet Sofa?

How Do You Protect A Velvet Sofa?

Sofas with velvet upholstery feel and look great; warm and soft to sit on and vibrant and rich to look at. However, if you want them to last for years, they need careful treatment.


Why do you need to take care of velvet?

Velvet is made with two fabric pieces facing each other and threads woven between the pieces. When these pieces are cut off, they’ll come up with two fabric sheets with a soft and short pile. This pile gives the distinctive look of velvet as well as its gentle and welcoming feel.

However, keeping the velvet clean can also be challenging.

Dust and dirt may be trapped by the pile, meaning that a quick brush can’t always be sufficient to remove all of the dirt.

A spill is another issue because every fibre that constitutes the pile will absorb any leaked liquid, making it tough to clean the surface using a rag or sponge.

The fact that the nap can easily be crushed, either by daily use or by unnecessarily vigorous methods of cleaning, contributes to these difficulties.

This means that aside from being watchful to maintain the nap and bring back its original form, you need to make sure that the situation will not get worse.


How to care for a velvet sofa?

Velvet comes in a variety of different styles, and the kind of velvet you have affects how you must clean it. Velvet can be made of many varying fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, linen, and artificial fabrics.

Generally, cotton or polyester velvets may be washed at home using an effective cleaner for upholstery. Testing the cleaner on the velvet’s hidden area and leaving it for 24 hours is ideal to ensure it doesn’t discolour or ruin your velvet.

Assuming everything is all right, apply the cleaning solution to the sponge while making sure you don't crush the fabric's nap. Then, either brush or vacuum it. Remember that when being washed, cotton velvet can wrinkle, so take caution and try not to wet the material more than you need to.

It’s recommended to let professionals handle silk, rayon, and acetate velvets since home washing can damage the fabric.

Having a regular cleaning is the most effective way to preserve your velvet furniture; some brushing and regular vacuuming using a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment can go a long way to prevent other problems.

It may seem like a nightmare to spill liquid on a velvet sofa as it quickly soaks it.

However, much of the liquid can be removed by gently drying it up with a towel without rubbing or applying too much pressure.

Any remaining traces can be dried using a hairdryer used from a reasonable distance to avoid burning the fabric. After this, brush the material to bring back the pile and stop it from matting.

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