How To Hang Curtain Rods From The Ceiling?

How To Hang Curtain Rods From The Ceiling?

A lot of people love hanging their curtains from the ceiling because it is innovative and a simple way to add visual interest in that room. Hanging your curtains from the top gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher. 

You can also use the curtains once hanged from the ceiling as a room divider, but of course, the curtains must be hanged adequately from the ceiling first to prevent anyone from being harmed because it might fall on someone’s head. If you don’t know which is the best curtain to hang from the ceiling because you lack choices, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers different fabric types such as curtain fabrics! 

You can even choose the fabric material you want for your curtain fabric such as velvet, cotton, chenille, corduroy, suede, and weaves. If you want to be able to choose your style for the curtain you are going to use, then purchase it from Yorkshire Fabric Shop!



1. Decide how you want to hang your curtain rods
Do you want it hanged directly from the ceiling or above the windows, or near the top of the walls?

2. Get the measurements
Measure where the ceiling-mount curtain rod brackets will be installed. Make sure to give spaces and mark by using a pencil. Measure the distance of the floor from the ceiling as well to get the curtain length you will need. Just leave enough space to be able to install the rod above the window. 

3. Install the drywall anchors and rod brackets
Drywall anchors are suitable for lighter curtains that are hung on the wall at ceiling height. Before you install the rod brackets, make sure to attach the drywall anchors first by using a power drill. Install the rod brackets afterwards and check if it is strong enough to support the curtains.

4. Choose your curtain
Pick out a curtain material that fits your style and consider the measurements you did earlier when choosing one!

5. Hang the curtain
To hang the curtain, slip it into the rod and hang the rod from the brackets. Make sure that the curtain and screws are stable by moving the curtains to test the stability of the brackets. After you’ve successfully made sure that everything is stable, take a rest!

If you still don’t know what curtain material to choose, we are sure that you will get the design and curtain you want by browsing from our website at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop! We provide different fabrics and fabric materials that we know you will love to use for your home. We offer worldwide shipping, and safe payment so have us provide the curtain you need for your home! You can purchase made to measure curtains from our website at, and you can also contact us by emailing us at or call us on 01924 728 753!

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