Roman Blinds Trim Ideas

Roman Blinds Trim Ideas

Roman blinds are an ingenious way to cover your windows for some privacy. More than this, they are very convenient, especially because they are easy to operate by just pulling their strings up or down. Roman Blinds are seen as a classic yet modern design for your window treatments, and they look very neat and sophisticated as an added decoration for your homes.

Nonetheless, they often look very flat and boring. Roman blinds can look plain, especially when you just leave it be and don’t bother furnishing them. Even with the artistic patterns and designs, some would look at it as a bleak window cover, and just not as creative as they thought it would be. Yet, when you do not know what to do to make your Roman blinds look better, you can either replace their fabrics or you might as well give them a good trim.

Trimming makes Roman blinds appear bolder and more shaped. With the different designs you can choose from to give the bottom of your Roman Blinds a makeover, it sure is a great way to give it a go. 


Tassels and Pom Poms

To make your Roman blinds more interesting, you may place tassels and pom poms at the bottom of the blind. Make sure to choose colours that appear in line with the colours of your shades; having tassels that do not compensate for the fabric colours can make it appear crooked and affects the beauty of your blinds. Moreover, you must also not put too many tassels and pom poms at the bottom so better have the number controlled.

Pompoms and tassels are mostly great for London Pleat Blinds, Gathered Balloon Blinds, and Austrian Opera Blinds. You’ll be amazed at how classy and vintage it can get!


Seam Decoration

You may not add additional hanging decoration to your Roman blinds but might as well provide it with a good bottom to beautify the ends off.

One thing that you can do about this is to get patterned or designed fabrics, measure them with the width that you like for your Roman blind bottom, and sew them. This will achieve a labelled and cleaner look for your Roman blinds, defining their shape to give them a lovely touch. You might also want to try placing your printed fabrics with the blind’s borders, creating a neater and established look for them.

Yet, you must remember that printed fabrics at the borders and the bottom go well with plain coloured fabrics, whereas printed blinds must have plain fabrics. This will organise the colours and patterns well, perfect for those who want to achieve the tidiest look for their window covers.


Shape Roman Blind Bottoms

If ever you want to spice up your Roman blind game, you may have the bottoms of your blind shaped to give it various looks at the end. However, you need to remember that this must go with horizontal blinds only, and not of the balloon and London pleat designs.

You may have a triangular trim at the bottom, while also defining the borders of the shape with some extra fabrics. Yet, if you want a curved one, you can have them trimmed with a big or small S pattern and also place tassels and pompoms with them. Shaping your Roman blinds at the bottom creates a revolutionary effect for the blinds, setting different components for them which makes them more unique. You can also search for other shapes that can be incorporated with them and let your artistic side go beyond what is usual.


Lace it up

If you want something that’s more vintage at the bottom, then you might as well incorporate your favourite lace at the bottom of your blinds. Lace makes everything have finesse and timelessness of the design, making your window covers as if you’re back in the 1800s. Laces go well with plain colours, but it’s always up to you how well you can manage to pair them with your Roman Blind colours. You can add tassels and pom poms along them as they go perfectly with one another.

Laces basically make your Roman blind age well over time, as they are considered timeless and can be put in old and modern designs; you can always choose what lace to put at the bottom.


Quality Roman blinds are very hard to find these days. Some may offer you beautiful-looking blinds but may wear and pill of easily. With this, it is with high regard to look for very durable blinds, not just with their strings but with their fabrics also.

When thinking of what fabric to put with your Roman blinds, look for strong and sturdy fabric using the Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s fabric finder. You’ll get to see the rub tests in each fabric, letting you know how strong it is so you can assure the quality of the fabrics. 

Nonetheless, silk and velvet are the top-tier fabrics for Roman blinds, as they can withstand heavy pulling and they are also sturdy as a rock. Still, they provide you with a good texture and design that adheres to your fabric needs to make everything look comfortable for your blinds. Furthermore, they are also usually thick, providing you with a fabric that gives you more coverage over the light that comes in - and that’s a big percentage of what we want for our window covers.

Trimming Roman blinds is always a good idea to add more beauty to them. Apart from the practicality the blinds provide, they add a sense of uniqueness to give your homes a more positive touch. If you have some free time, it’s always easy to trim them according to what you like: you’ll never know how lovely your homes can get by beautifying your blinds.

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