What Are The Best Cushions For My Sofa?

What Are The Best Cushions For My Sofa?

Sofas are an important part of our homes, they are a staple of a living room and provide comfort, relaxation, and space for guests. When choosing one that suits our home, it’s important to consider all of the individual aspects of a sofa such as its type, size, the cushion covers and fabric type. One specific aspect that must be taken into account is the cushion that it has. The cushion is a pivotal part because it helps determine the comfort, durability, and flexibility of the sofa. If you’re looking to invest in a new sofa and not sure what cushions to go for, here are a couple of types you could choose from.



One of the most sought after and popular types of cushion, foams are best for those who are looking for an affordable cushion. This material comes in different densities: low density, high density, high resilient density, and memory foam. Low density foam provides you with softness, though it may eventually shrink when heavy weight is applied to it. High density foam feels a lot sturdier but may get softer after prolonged use. High resilient density foam is very durable and is resistant to wearing and sagging, whereas memory foam provides your body with more support. 

There are also different types of fillings for foams, which are the materials inserted inside the cushions, and they include moulded foam, all-foam, spring foam, and down plush. Moulded foam includes various types of materials such as feathers, and it may feel stiff to begin with but eventually softens when used. It also has a thick casing which protects the filling and keeps it intact. All-foam is a type of filling that provides more softness to your chairs, and has a durable cover to protect the filling. Spring foam cushions have springs on the inside to create a bouncy and plush feeling. Down plush fillings have a thin foam core which is paired with thick polyester fabrics wrapped around it to provide more protection to the exterior of the cushions. 



Feather filling is one of the most expensive types of sofa cushions because it provides homeowners with a cushion that is very plush and comfortable. It’s plushness is similar to a bed’s in that it lets you sink into the sofa, and its level of comfort is determined by how many feathers you fill it with. This type of cushion is usually made to order and is able to be customised. 

Both foam and feather fillings are two of the best types of sofa cushions available. In addition to searching for some new cushions, you may also want to take a look at upholstery fabrics. Upholstery is the process of redecorating your furniture and decor with new fabrics so they look and feel fresh, and could be helpful to you in the future with your sofas and their cushions. We offer a wide range of different cushions, each unique and able to suit any home. Feel free to explore our range today as you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for your home. 

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