What Fabric Is Suitable For Upholstery?

What Fabric Is Suitable For Upholstery?

Choosing the perfect upholstery fabric is crucial. Fabric covers the cushion and frame of your furniture. Thus, it provides the final look and texture. There are many types of material in the market. When it comes to upholstery fabrics, you have two main options: natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Every type of upholstery fabric has its own appeal. Hence, you should choose one according to your needs. 

Natural Fabrics 
These materials come from plants and animals. Natural fabrics are soft, breathable, and flexible. The following are natural fabrics:

1. Cotton 
Cotton is a common material used for clothes. It is a plant-based fabric that you can also use in upholstery. Cotton makes a warm and breathable furniture cover. It is best to use it in winter and fall. Cotton is an excellent choice for a homey couch. 

2. Leather 
Leather is an outstanding material. It has a luxurious and elegant vibe. Also, it ages well and resists damage like stains and scratches. Hence, leather is an excellent long-term investment. The more you use leather, the comfier it becomes. If you have children or pets, leather is perfect for your home. Take a look at Yorkshire Fabric Shop range of leather vinyls that are perfect for upholstery.

3. Linen 
Linen is a hard-wearing fabric; it resists fading and mildew. Linen also has antibacterial properties. Further, it is a strong type of material that lasts a long time. Therefore, linen is ideal for heavily-used furniture. 

4. Wool 
Wool is an interesting fabric. It has excellent insulating capability. It cools the seats when the weather is hot and warms it when it is cold. Wool will make you love lounging on your living room sofa. Besides, wool is water and fire-resistant. 


Synthetic Fabrics 
Artificial textiles are commonly made from chemicals and inorganic materials. However, upholstery fabrics are mostly a combination of natural fabrics and chemicals. Some synthetic textiles are: 

1. Nylon 
Nylon is a well-liked material in upholstery. It is a resilient and lasting fabric. Nylon can withstand stains, scrapes, mildews, and wrinkles. Further, it is stretchy and flexible. 

2. Acetate 
Artificial textiles imitate the qualities of natural fabrics. For example, acetate is an imitation of silk. They have a similar sophisticated texture and appearance. Silk is relatively more expensive than acetate. Hence, if you want an affordable silk-looking material, go for acetate. Acetate textiles are durable. Further, it is resistant to wrinkles and mildew. 

3. Olefin 
Olefin fabrics come from plastic pellets. It is widely used for making carpets, making it long-wearing. It is also resistant to moisture, abrasions, and mildew. However, olefin textile is prone to damage. If you are not careful, heat and oils can ruin the fabric. 

4. Acrylic 
Acrylic fibre imitates wool. It is admired for its soft and comfortable finish. Also, acrylic is strong, low-cost, and maintenance-free. Hence, it is the go-to fabric for outdoor upholstery. 

The choice of upholstery fabric is entirely up to you. You can visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop to explore a wide selection of quality upholstery fabrics, cushions, and more.

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