What Is The Strongest Natural Fibre In The World?

What Is The Strongest Natural Fibre In The World?

Fibres are threads or filaments that are knitted or woven to produce textile materials for a wide range of products. Different fibres are made from either synthetic or natural processes. Synthetic fibres are human-made threads that are cheaper and can last longer than other materials. They are made from human synthesis and polymerization, which involves mixing monomers that result in long chains or polymers.

Meanwhile, the natural fibres are filaments that came from plant, animal, or mineral resources. They are also renewable and guarantee to be environmental-friendly than the synthetic types. It’s because of acquiring and producing process doesn't require using chemical or other substances to harm the environment.

Natural fibres are known for their breathability and high tensile strength.

Silk: The Strongest Natural Fibre

With so many natural fibres known for its tensile strength, silk is the toughest natural fibre found in our nature. One of the natural fibres known to man is its woven fabrics from the silkworm's or caterpillar's cocoon. Other animals, like spiders, also produce this fibre. In fact, the spider silk was the strongest fibre in the world, which is much stronger by five times than high-quality steel. The silk was known as the "queen of fabrics" since it was only formerly used in China for their royal personalities. Recognizing its best-quality characteristics, the early Chinese civilization gave their emperors and empress the privilege to wear clothes made from the silk.

The silk may be thinner than a human hair, yet it can hold more than a hundred times its weight. It may be as light as the cotton is, but its strength can overcome other hard steel materials. Another thing that is exceptional on this fibre is its shimmering feature. It is possible because of the prismlike structure, which deflects the light, making it able to create various colours. It is also known for its elasticity, especially when basing it with the spider silk's ability to trap its food and the caterpillar's cocoon.

Other Characteristics of Silk Fibre

Leading fabric expert Yorkshire Fabric Shop enumerates more excellent characteristics about silk fibre:

- With its undeniable strength, the silk fibre can withstand even moderate scratches

- Its resilience makes silk fibres able to maintain its shape and doesn't get wrinkled

- Its exceptional drape look is due to its elasticity and suppleness

- It is a perfect choice fabric for winter apparel because it is a non-heat conductor, unlike other fibres like the wool

- Since it is protein-based, silk is a good absorbent material. With this good absorbency, it is also an excellent option for warm clothing

- Its smoothness makes this fabric unattractive to dirt. It also is easily washed and cleaned

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