What's The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes?

What's The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes?

Are you currently designing your home and are now looking for window covers that suit your style? There are different window treatment terms such as curtains, drapes, valances, sheers, blinds, shades, and stutters, but the most confused terms of all are the curtain and drapes.

Most people cannot see what the difference between these two window treatments is. Although they are both used for window decor, there are still significant differences between these two, and you need to know it so when you go shopping for a window treatment, you can immediately tell which one is a curtain and which one is a drape. 

Drapes vs. curtains, what’s their difference? 

Well, curtains are fabric panels used to cover windows, while drapes are window coverings that are made of thicker fabric that intends to block out light. Often the reason why curtains and drapes are confused is because of their similarities. They both offer different styles of styles, patterns, and colours, can be closed or open in front of windows, has different lengths and widths, can be held back to let sunlight in through the window, and both can be maintained for years. 

The difference between curtains and drapes is the latter is a more formal window treatment than curtains, and they are heavier because they use thicker fabrics. Curtains, however, are used more often in different rooms and settings while drapes can be seen on formal occasions and rooms. 

Drapes are usually longer than curtains and have a floor-length, while curtains often drop below the window sill. Drapery fabrics are sometimes used to block cold air from entering through the window because of their thick fabric. In terms of maintenance, drapes need dry cleaning because of their special fabric while curtains can just be washed by using a washing machine. Curtains function by being opened and close for light and privacy while drapes are installed to block out light and reduce noise. 

To sum it up, drapes are more formal, have a thicker fabric to block out light and reduce noise, while curtains are casual and modern and are used to let in light or for privacy. Knowing the difference between these two is essential so you can decide which one you like best for your home.

If you can’t decide which one to choose, go for curtains if you want something light and a sheer option, washable window treatment, easy to open and close, want a cheaper option, and easy to replace and reuse. Go for drapes if you want to invest in a window treatment that can last for a lifetime, has a formal look, blocks out light, and reduces noise. 

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