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Versatile, luxurious and sumptuosly soft chenille upholstery fabric.

With its uniquely fuzzy texture and luxurious appearance, chenille fabric never fails to impress. Despite being over a century old, it gets its name from the French word for caterpillar and is a long-time favourite for designers.

When it comes to upholstery projects, chenille always shines and can serve well as a curtain or sofa fabric, giving interior pieces a lavish aesthetic. You can also use it to make blankets, cushions and numerous other home furnishing items.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we are passionate about our fabrics and love sharing them with people with similar passions. If you're looking for exceptionally high-quality chenille fabrics, we have a wide assortment of colours, styles and pile sizes in stock.

You can be sure that all of our chenille is durable and beautiful, making it a popular choice for people working on all fabric projects.

What is chenille fabric?

Originating in France during the 18th Century, chenille is renowned for its fuzzy texture and tufted fabric that looks like caterpillars from certain angles. As a human-made fabric, most chenille blends use cotton fibres. Manufacturers continually twist short lengths of yarn or "piles" between two further core yarns to create a soft and durable finish.

While chenille is a versatile fabric, it performs best for upholstery projects and is ideal for curtains, furniture and cushions. Better still, the material is manufactured to be washable and boasts superior durability—but it can still be susceptible to wine and coffee stains.

Benefits of chenille for upholstery projects:

Texture Variety: Chenille offers a range of textures, from tight and fine weaves to more open and loose patterns, making it one of the more diverse materials.

Warmth: Due to its thick and fuzzy texture, chenille fabric provides warmth and insulation, making it an excellent choice for blankets, throws, and winter clothing items.

Colour Retention: Chenille fabric holds dye well and creates long-lasting, vibrant colours that bring rooms to life.

Versatility: Designers can use this fabric for various products, including upholstery, pillows, drapes, clothing, and accessories.

Ease of Maintenance: The material is relatively easy to maintain, with regular vacuuming and light brushing, preventing dust and debris from settling into the fibres.

Texture Contrast: Chenille can create interesting texture contrasts within a room's décor. When paired with smoother surfaces, it adds depth and visual interest.

Exploring the different types of chenille fabrics

Here at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we're confident that we have the fabrics you're looking for. Whether you're looking for something patterned, of a specific colour or plain, we'll likely have it in stock for a great price.

Chenille contract fabrics

All of our chenille contract fabrics receive Crib 5 treatments, making them ideal for the commercial and hospitality sectors. Contract fabrics are designed to be more durable than traditional fabrics because they see more use and traffic than upholstery items in residential settings.

Crib 5 treatments are extra durable, and any items can withstand daily traffic and general wear and tear.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we sell chenille contract fabrics in various colours and sizes, so you'll be able to find exactly what you need for your home or business without any hassle.

Flame Retardant ready options

Flame retardant fabrics utilise unique treatments to resist or delay the spread of fire. These fabrics are ideal for commercial environments, as they enhance health and safety measures to prevent fire-related accidents.

Fire retardant chenille fabrics often use a combination of cotton or polyester fabric, which give it protective features but also maintain the unique aesthetic of chenille.

Our chenille upholstery fabric choices are all suitable for fire retardant treatments for a small extra fee.

Chenille curtain fabrics

Chenille fabric is a hugely popular choice for curtains, with its luxurious feel and supreme durability. We make it in various colours, styles and patterns, so it can provide a suitable finish for any window dressings or blinds.

From adding home decor accents to maintaining warmth in any environment, our curtain fabrics come in a range of styles and colours to inject personality into your home or commercial space.

If you prefer to keep it simple, look at our Columbo Plain curtain fabrics, which come in various shades, including Denim Blue, Dark Grey and other colours that blend seamlessly into any room.

Chenille fabric for furnishing and upholstery

Interior designers love working with chenille because it's versatile and has numerous applications. You can use chenille for sofas, chairs, curtains, decorative pillows, and even tablecloths, taking advantage of its lavish features.

The pile of these fabrics adds extra warmth and comfort when sitting on them, so they're popular for use indoors in winter.

Better still, we have a range of stunning fabrics that look amazing with any home décor scheme—planning to keep it contemporary? The Himalaya Geometric pattern fabric certainly catches the eye.

Or, if you'd like to keep it simple and minimalistic, the Colorado Collection features fabrics in eye-catching colours, including Teal, Green and many other shades.

There are many benefits to buying chenille fabrics from us

Many shops offer good fabric, but we only settle for perfection. Shopping with us gives you access to high-quality, affordable materials that suit all your design needs.

We're one of the longest-running fabrics shops in Yorkshire, and we take pride in our commitment to fulfilling each customer's needs.

Take advantage of samples

Our fabrics are available by the metre, but we also understand that you want to test them before purchasing. You can choose between mini and jumbo samples for a small charge and evaluate how the material will look for your designs.

Enjoy unparalleled quality

We may have started small, but we've grown into a national supplier of all fabric types and patterns over the years. Today, our dedicated team travels worldwide, visiting various mills and testing each brand for themselves before deciding whether to add it to our stock.

Dedicated customer support

We're passionate about fabrics and go out of our way to ensure designers and customers planning on redecorating their homes get our support. Whether you want to enquire about fabric types or need support with contract fabrics, we're just a phone call or message away.

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