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What is corduroy fabric and what can I make with it?

Corduroy fabric is one of those timeless fabrics that never seem to go out of fashion in the UK.

Originally coming from industrial Europe in the 18th century, it rocketed into fashion in the 1970s and has been a staple material for all manner of clothing and soft furnishing products for the past fifty years.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we stock exceptionally high-quality corduroy fabric in a wide range of colours and patterns sourced from the best mills in England.

All our corduroy is both durable and beautiful, making it an extremely popular choice for people working on all manner of fabric projects.

What is corduroy fabric?

You might have heard people say simply "cord" or "cord fabric", which is just a shortened version of the full term which is corduroy fabric.

Corduroy fabric is a manmade material with a soft, cotton-feel to it. One of the many benefits of this material is its durability, so it has historically been a popular choice for clothing, especially shirts, jackets and trousers.

The soft touch of the fabric coupled with its strength also makes it a suitable choice for furniture and haberdashery, and increasingly in recent years as a feature fabric with which to create something specific.

Corduroy comes in different varieties, usually with visible lines or ridges in the fabric, a feature which is known as the wale.

Wale is measured by how many there are per inch, and standard wale is usually at around eleven wales per inch of fabric. At the ends of the spectrum, there is Elephant cord coming in as low as 1.5 wales, to pin cord, which can have as many as 22 wales!

So make sure you know which cord you're after before placing your first order.

What are the different types of corduroy fabrics?

We stock a huge range of corduroy fabric that you can use for upholstery, curtains, cushions, and even clothing. So whatever it is that you're looking for on your search, at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop we probably have it in store by the metre.

Corduroy Curtain Fabric

The textured appearance of corduroy makes it a great choice for curtains, which is one of the most popular uses that our customers have for this fabric.

Using corduroy for curtains creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, which is a great bonus for the price.

Corduroy Contract Fabric

We stock corduroy contract fabrics which are suitable for commercial environments and have the capability to treat these fabrics to conform to Crib 5 treatment upon request.

Flame Retardant Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy flame treated fabrics are available in over forty different styles on our website, making them a safe option to install in the home.

Choose the flame treatment option at checkout and the price will be updated per metre.

Corduroy Furnishing and Upholstery Fabrics

Whether you're looking for cords for soft coverings or even wall coverings, no matter the type of furnishing project you are undertaking, we will most likely have the most suitable type of corduroy in stock.

Sustainable Corduroy Fabric

These days, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone's considerations, but it isn't always easy to find sustainable fabrics.

When it comes to corduroy, we have a range of sustainable options for you to choose from, be it chunky, dotted, soft or anything else, we take time in the details when sourcing to make sure that every metre is more sustainable than the last.

Coloured Corduroy Options

If you've worked with corduroy fabrics before, you'll probably be familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect colours in this particular fabric, but fear no more, your search stops here.

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop we stock such a wide range of corduroy colours that you'll never have to worry about finishing that work correctly again.

The ridged form of the fabric can cause colours to appear different in different lighting, so we offer different shades to be able to cater to the needs of the community.

This is especially useful in working with clothes and particularly dressmaking, that the fabric is the exact colour to match an outfit. It's no good having a pair of maroon trousers to match a maroon jacket that appears visibly crimson in the sunshine.

Check our colour page for all of the corduroy options that we are currently selling by the metre. From neutral blacks, greys and natural options, to brighter, louder pinks, reds and yellows, we're sure to have what you're looking for at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch via our contact page. Our team is always on-hand to offer advice. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for the latest news and updates on new options becoming available.