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Resilient and Stylish Furnishing Fabrics

When it comes to inte

Resilient and Stylish Furnishing Fabrics When it comes to interior and exterior design, the furnishings you choose will define the overall tone of your property. While there are plenty of indoor soft furnishing fabrics, the upkeep of your outdoor read more...

Resilient and Stylish Furnishing Fabrics

When it comes to interior and exterior design, the furnishings you choose will define the overall tone of your property. While there are plenty of indoor soft furnishing fabrics, the upkeep of your outdoor furnishing can be challenging to maintain all year round.

Fabrics can fade and become damaged when colder and wetter conditions set in, but the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has an extensive range of resilient furnishing fabrics that will ensure your furniture survives more than one summer.

The fabrics we use are resistant to water damage and fading from UV rays, which means your furniture will last and look as vibrant as the day you bought it. To get the most out of your garden next year, start planning and take a look at the collection today.

What are soft furnishing fabrics?

Soft furnishing materials make items like cushions, curtains, and upholstery. Common examples of fabric for soft furnishings include cotton, linen, wool, and velvet.

These materials have excellent comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Upholstery fabrics can be plain or patterned and come in a wide range of colours and textures.

When choosing fabrics for your home, it's essential to consider the intended use. For example, an upholstery material will need to be more durable than one for curtains.

Likewise, a fabric exposed to direct sunlight should be fade-resistant. With so many options available, finding the perfect fabric to suit your needs is easy.

Enhance your soft furnishings with our beautiful upholstery fabric

We have a range of furnishing fabrics available for all styles and at excellent prices. So, whether you're looking for something to align with your décor for a minimalistic finish or want your furnishings to become the focal point of any room - you'll find everything you need here.

Bring some life into your home with our inspiring prints

Cushions and chair covers can be fantastic ways to add colour to your designs, especially if you have a minimalistic décor scheme. Better still, you can choose from various materials, including cotton, chenille and velvet.

Our infamous Peacock Pattern Collection is full of vibrant colours and immediately attracts attention so that you can add a contemporary theme to your garden or indoor furniture.

Or, you can choose some designs from our assortment of paisley and tribal patterns, which all have a distinct theme and can be ideal for a unique design.

Faux fur for luxury inspiration

Is there anything better than faux fur as a material? It's perfect for creating different items, including clothing, cushions and sofas. The best thing about faux fur is it's cruelty-free, a much more sustainable alternative to animal-derived fabrics.

We can also get creative with faux fabrics, so you can expect a range of colours that create an immediate impression.

You'll love the deep burgundy fur fabric for a luxurious aesthetic, or opt for pale pink. The bright pink fabric is ideal for children's designs, but we also have cream and grey tones for a more mature finish.

Modern upholstery fabric patterns

Upholstery fabric can take a dull sofa or chair and turn it into a beautiful piece that demands attention. Instead of spending money on new furniture, you can use our fantastic fabrics to create bespoke furniture that will last for years.

Geometric patterns are suitable for contemporary designs because they often combine bold colours with patterns that create a focal point in any room - but don't take anything away from the rest of the décor.

One of our favourite fabrics in the range is Sokoto, which certainly holds nothing back. However, we recommend our Oslo Geometric pattern for a more subtle printed design, which combines beautiful tones of grey, gold and pink.

There are many benefits to shopping with the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Whether you're buying fabrics for blinds, sofas, cushions or anything else, we guarantee you'll never be disappointed with the experience our shop offers. From beginning as a small shop in Batley, West Yorkshire, we've since expanded into serving customers across the UK and aren't stopping any time soon.

There are many benefits of shopping with us. Here are just some of them.

Choose from a selection of unique fabric collections

When enhancing a living space, you don't want to settle for run-of-the-mill fabrics that fail to ignite any inspiration. We search far and wide to find materials from reputable providers that serve numerous purposes.

With an assortment of woven, cotton, velvet and many more fabric types, you're sure to find something you love.

Try before you buy

You want to see if a fabric works for your particular project. We get that. So, every customer can take advantage of a low-cost sample, which allows you to test how it will work before making a purchase.

All you need to do is browse through our soft furnishing and upholstery fabric collection, choose your samples and wait for speedy delivery.

Need some advice? We're always available

Shopping with us couldn't be easier, but we're always around for advice and support should you need it. Contact our customer service team to discuss our fabrics and find suitable samples for your project.

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