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Can Roman blinds be altered?

Roman blinds are growing in popularity, and rightfully so, given they offer a unique look for your home whilst still being functional. Most curtain stores and home depots offer ready-made Roman blinds. Many customers go the route of going to a store and purchasing some, rather than making their own from scratch at home. In some instances, people may find that they have the wrong window measurements and end up purchasing some blinds that actually don’t fit their windows. If you find yourself as someone who actually hasn’t quite got the correct window measurements when you purchase some, you don’t actually have to go back to the store and purchase some more.

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This is something that can be easily remedied at home, however, it depends on the type of Roman blinds you have. There are many types of Roman blinds, there are ones with railings and others with just strings. When it comes to adjusting your Roman blinds at home, we want to make it clear that this only works with Roman blinds that have railings at the bottom. Those with only strings take more effort and require a lot of professional skills to help your blinds drape adequately. For those we recommend seeking professional help. However, for those able to alter their blinds at home, you need to follow these steps.

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1. Remove your Roman blinds from where they hang and lay them down on a flat surface so you can observe where you need to cut the fabric. 

2. Remove the screws in the railing at the bottom. Once these have been removed, you can then remove the string attachment from the railing.

3. Gently slide the bottom railing to the side to remove it from the fabric. Take care to not remove it too harshly as you could stretch the fabric.

4. Use a pencil and ruler to make your desired measurements and cut the fabric and string accordingly.

5. Once you are done cutting the fabric, you may reattach the bottom railing and hang your blinds back up in their original place.

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Your Roman blinds should be adjusted appropriately then. If you have Roman blinds that only have strings attached to them, remember to consult the nearest curtain shop or home depot so they can assist you with your Roman blinds modification. You can even utilise an upholstery service to personalise them even more and have them complement the interior of your home. If you are interested in Roman blinds and are looking to purchase some, feel free to explore our range. We offer a broad selection of blinds that come in many different colours, patterns and styles. We also offer an upholstery service if you’re looking to update any existing blinds you might have, or if you ever need to change some new ones in the future. Our upholstery service isn’t just limited to blinds either, we offer upholstery for all of our products, or for any of your home furniture or decor that needs it.

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