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Can you dye velvet upholstery?

A piece of furniture with a great frame but awful upholstery fabric doesn't have to be a concern – altering its colour is simpler than you might imagine. The complexity of your choices varies from changing the fabric to replacing a normal household object that can cast an adverse light on the situation.

Dye For Colouring

Dyeing furniture can create a massive difference as it helps a space become welcoming and alive.

Transform your old furniture by dyeing it!

A specially designed upholstery fabric paint will enhance a distressed couch or change the shade of a light-coloured sofa. The paints don’t suit dark shades like black or brown- they usually work well with furniture with lighter shades.

Upholstery paint doesn’t rub off after drying, so it gives a permanent solution for changing the colour of your furniture.

Choosing furniture made with velvet is a great decision. It offers a luxurious and soft feeling, and it comes in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Velvet is built to last longer than most fabrics. It can last for many years, which is good for any furniture. Its flat and thick pile contributes to its durability.

The way velvet receives light gives it more depth compared to plain-woven materials.

How to dye velvet furniture?

Velvet is one of the simplest materials to dye because its fibres take in colours very well. Velvet furniture can be dyed without taking out the fabric because of their naps’ optimum thickness.

Your velvet sofa can have a new look with warm water, sponge, and dye in less than 24 hours.

Here are the simple steps of dyeing velvet furniture:

Step 1
Cover all non-fabric parts of the furniture with plastic and secure it with masking tape. Doing this will make sure that the dye will reach the intended fabric alone.

Step 2
Sponging with water will open up the fibres of the fabric and enable it to soak up as much dye as possible.

Gently sponge the fabric with warm water. The goal is to slightly moisten the fabric, so don’t sink it too much.

Using the sponge will open up the fibres and allow it to absorb the needed amount of dye.

Step 3
Blend your dye and the correct volume of water mentioned on the item’s instructions.

Step 4
Start applying the dye using a new sponge. Do it in circular motions. Repeat the process until the entire fabric is covered.

Step 5
Leave the dye to dry for at least a day. And then, lightly dab warm water on the velvet to raise the naps.

Furniture plays a vital role in your house. Your families, friends, and even your pets use them.

A couch can become outdated, saggy, and damaged over the years, so it’s very enticing to purchase a new set. Instead of buying a new one, dyeing is a fantastic alternative to give your furniture a new look. Doing this can save you more money and effort.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop

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