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Curtain ideas for the living room decor

A home always needs a window treatment for the house to look lively. Window treatments serve as a decoration in the house, and that is why choosing a good window covering is essential. Having curtain ideas for your living room decor is important because it will help you choose something that fits your style, whether it is simple, casual, elegant, formal, modern, etc. 

As long as you have something in mind, pulling it off is easy. The curtain ideas should depend on how you want your living room to look and feel, but oftentimes it should feel cosy and look fresh. If you don’t have any curtain ideas yet, here are some recommendations for your living room decor.

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The following is a list of curtain ideas you can apply to your living room.


1. Blend in

The modern approach for curtain idea is to blend them in with the colour of the walls or the paint, which is done by picking a curtain that matches the current colour scheme of the living room. Choosing a curtain that has a slightly darker shade than the current one is still a good option to make the curtain and walls look matchy.


2. Roman blinds

Setting up roman blinds as your curtains is a good idea too. Roman blinds are designed to pleat when they are raised. They are simple, elegant, and look contemporary as well. If you want to give your living room a simple and elegant look, then go for roman blinds.


3. Pelmet

A pelmet is an ideal window covering that is fitted above a window to conceal curtain fittings.


4. Layered curtains

Give a layered look to your curtains by doubling up on your window decors. Put up a roman blind along with full-length curtains on the side of the windows and add a pelmet on the top for a neat finish.


5. Tie-back curtains

Another common curtain design is to tie the curtains back for a regal look and to add volume.


6. Extra-long curtains

If tie-back curtains aren’t your style but want to add a dramatic volume, extra-long fabrics are a good choice as they bunch up at the bottom, and when fixed right, the outcome looks beautiful.


7. Sheer curtains

If you want an airy feel to the living room and a light curtain that can still give enough privacy, sheer curtains are the right choice.


Choosing a certain curtain style for your living room is easy once you already have an idea of how you are going to set them up and what curtain type to choose. If you still haven’t decided on what curtain fabric, colour, or pattern you want for your living room, Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides thousands of options, you can choose from by just browsing on our website. You can also use our filters to see curtain fabrics on the results specifically. We provide different colours and patterns as well as the curtain fabric so you can choose the right curtain for your living room!


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