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How do I protect my cushions from damage ?

Our living spaces have become widely important for us most especially that we always stay at home today. It is important to make it look more appealing for a comfortable mood so that you can set a very cozy atmosphere after a very tiring day at work. In most cases, every inch of our home must be given importance so we would be able to make better the longevity of our home essentials that are used every day.

From our floors to our walls, every part of our homes must be attended to almost regularly. Neglecting to give it care makes it dry, leaving our homes to look close-to-abandoned - no such homeowner would ever want that. With this, it is fundamental to protect our homes with the utmost care possible, so we could have an amazing space where everything looks fresh and new to be enjoyed daily.

Most of our homes have fabrics. You can always see curtains, sheets, and cushion covers everywhere and they must also be maintained to make it less dirty and even more durable in the long run. In providing the best for them, one thing that you must do is to buy strong fabrics, and have them cleaned on a weekly or a monthly basis; germs and bacteria build-up can cause mould, lessening the durability and the functionality of your fabrics at home.

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For the most part, cushions are usually prone to over usage and can pill off easily when we always use them. More so, other factors like sunlight and water splatters can also damage the covers, making them less firm and they may appear soggy and displeasing for the eyes. Thus, ample care for them must be a top priority so you can have clean and fresher cushion covers that you can use for days.

So how do you treat and take care of them? Here are the basics.


Indoor Cushions

People are likely to recommend covering their cushions with plastic so they could be protected from stains. However, this defeats the purpose of having fabric cushion covers, as you cannot feel the texture and enjoy their boldness when you use them. Still, there are other things that you can do to protect them, stretching their life expectancy much more.

The first thing that we recommend is to use an upholstery protector. There are many brands that you can choose from, but always pick the less toxic ones so you can still enjoy your cushion covers’ softness and smoothness. Upholstery protectors avoid spills and stains by not letting them settle on your fabrics where they can penetrate. Also, it is safe for every fabric, even the gentle ones like silk or wool. This is one thing that you always have to keep in mind to protect all kinds of cushion covers although they are stain and pill-resistant.

Upholstery protectors are also very convenient to use. You just have to spray them directly into your cushions, securing every inch so it could be protected as a whole. Nonetheless, do not spray too much; it might feel a little saturated when you spray one side longer, and you might not feel the fabric once you overdo them. Spray it like your sunscreen as fabrics can also be as gentle as your skin.

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Outdoor Cushions

These types of cushion fabrics need to be cared for as much as possible, as we know that they are always soaked under the scorching heat of the sun. With frequent sun exposure, they might get less firm and can also degrade darker colours as UV rays are bad for your fabrics. When this happens, your cushions may look too bland, and you might just want to replace them even if you don’t want to.

In buying your outdoor cushion covers, one thing that you need to consider is to purchase sun-resistant fabrics. The fabrics are very plausible to avoid sun damage, even if you always place them outdoors. Tightly woven fabrics are your best choice for outdoor use; polyester, nylon, wool, and silk. They are basically made from synthetic fabrics which are known to be stronger than natural ones. Moreover, the fabrics are usually hard-wearing, protecting the outside and the inside of your cushions very well plus they always come in varying colours. Now, who wouldn’t want different colours for their cushions in the backyard or the patio?

Furthermore, even if your outdoor fabrics are regarded as sun-resistant, you must also have added protection too. Sun-resistant UV sprays are your go-to for this, as they have an invisible layer to make your cushions resistant to heat even more. Just like indoor cushion covers, you can just spray your UV sprays easily, but not too much. The feel of the fabric is always to be considered, and you don’t want your cushions to feel greasy. Also, allow them to dry in a well-ventilated area before you place them again outdoors. This will make the spray penetrate even more, so your fabrics can still feel the same even with additional protection all over them. 

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Mould and Mildew

There will be a great chance that your cushion covers can have mould build-up, but don’t worry. One thing that you can do about this is to use a colour safe bleach for them, brush them gently, and let the fabric air dry. Cleaning your cushion covers as much as possible is great, but don’t let the extensive cleaning fool you. You must always choose cleaning agents that have less chlorine, so you can still have that amazing cushion cover colour like new. Nonetheless, also change your cushion covers after a month or two, so they can still feel and look fresh once you use them again on any day.

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Now you’re off to go. Have a protected and long-lasting cushion cover at home with the tips we have provided you. Remember, a clean fabric is less problematic!


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