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How do you make a fabric soft?

A stiff fabric can bring many disappointments and discomfort. That’s why most people prefer a soft and smooth material. Once you run your fingers along with the fabric, the softness and elegant feel give you satisfaction. Or you could just buy our amazing soft velvet fabrics all ready with softness added!

The good thing is there are several ways on how you can make your fabric soft. With the use of a washing machine and household products, you can achieve a soft and smooth material.

Make Fabric Softer With Water

If you’re planning to make a homemade fabric softener, you may follow these steps to soften your fabrics:

Step 1
In a quarter jar, mix one cup of apple cider, a half cup of basic hair conditioner, and three cups of water. Stir the mixture.

Step 2
Pour a half cup of the homemade fabric softener in a washing machine filled with warm water. Soak the fabric overnight. If the material is fragile, wash it using a basin with cold water and two to three tablespoons of your fabric softener. Soak it for 30 minutes.

Step 3
Rinse the fabric using the washing machine to get rid of the fabric softener. If you’re rinsing using your hands, do it in cold water.

Step 4
Spin the fabric in the dryer with warm water. You may also hang the fabric to dry. For delicate fabrics, you may roll them in a towel to absorb water then lay them down in a dry towel.

Step 5
Wash and dry them again if your fabric is still stiff.

Here are other ways on how you can soften your fabric:

• Use a good quality detergent. Take note that using too much detergent may cause stiffness. With this, use about half of the recommended amount of detergent. Make sure that your fabric is adequately rinsed.

• Baking soda softens the fabric. Instead of using a pure detergent, you may add baking soda when washing your fabric. Place one cup of baking soda to your washing machine in a delicate setting.

• Vinegar works well with fabrics. If you’re worrying if your material will smell bad, rest assured that it won’t. Every time you wash your fabric, add a half cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine.

Remember that some fabrics that are tough to soften. Other fabrics are naturally stiff and heavy. Before you try to make your fabric soft, make sure that your fabric can endure the treatments and techniques you’ll use.

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