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How to incorporate pattern and colour into your home?

Curtains affect the overall mood of your house. They can make your room more elegant and more fashionable. As you enter your room, the first things that catch your eyes are the curtains and the light that passes through.

There is a saying that a house if lifeless without windows. Having said this, it’s vital to put the right decorations on them.

It may be true for some people that incorporating pattern and colour into your home can be overwhelming. There are lots of things to consider, like furniture, soft furnishings, and walls.

Colours To Your Interior

Colours and patterns can bring vibrance and life to your house. Here are few tips for incorporating pattern and colour into your home:

Colours of Nature
As you take a look at nature, there are different shades. Did you notice that dark and light colours are in harmony?

If you’re looking for inspiration in designing your house, you can start by replicating nature. Use lighter colours and lightweight fabrics to create a bright look. Heavy fabrics highlight dark hues and block light.

The colour of the sunshine which is golden-yellow complements well with colour green and turquoise. If your room is filled with earth colours, use curtains to add vibrance.

Classic Colours
Nothing beats classic colour blends such as black and white. While black represents dignity, white portrays purity. Soft black colours work well with white walls, and it creates a focal point.

Using hues belonging in the same group are also ideal. Tangerine and persimmon are good combinations.

The blue colour has many shades like navy, denim, and cobalt. Blue and white are also a great choice.

Colour Wheel
To further have an idea of the proper way to incorporate pattern and colour into your home, you can rely on the colour wheel. The wheel displays hues around the circle.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary colours are present in the wheel. Red, blue, and yellow is the three primary colours. On the other hand, green, violet, and orange are the secondary colours.

Hues of these different shades are called tertiary colours. The colours facing each other are referred to as complementary colours.

Pattern and Texture
Patterns are also important factors as they create a certain theme. Geometric prints work well with a minimalist theme while plaids offer a country look. Aside from softening the window, patterns also emphasize dominant colours in your room.

Soft furnishings, cushions, and rugs can have different patterns. To make your room more lively, matching pattern variations and pattern size is recommended.

Florals never run out of style. Chevrons function well in bathrooms while paisleys give a formal look to your room.

Floral Pattern Fabrics

Create your Style
If you have a specific colour in mind, consider it. All colours will work accordingly if you know the proper way of combining them.

Decorating your room is an excellent way to add a personal touch. Take this time to show your taste and style. Even though there are guidelines for designing your house, your needs and preferences are more important. Experimenting with colours and patterns can give you a new idea.

The fabrics in the Yorkshire Fabric Shop come in different colours and patterns. We make sure that you’ll have lots of patterns and shades to choose from to help you choose the fabric you desire. Feel free to visit our mill shop in Yorkshire, United Kingdom and or intentional shipping website. Yorkshire Fabric Shop can also make made to measure curtains if you want to spruce up your home with our quality craftsmanship, so order today.


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