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Is cotton a durable fabric?

Versatile and comfortable these are few of the best qualities the cotton fibre prides itself, among other fabrics. Taken from the cotton plant's seedpods, it is one of the naturally-produced threads in the globe. It can be knit or woven into two ways. The plain weave is the result of gingham, percale, chambray, and broadcloth. Meanwhile, the twill weave is usually found in denim, gabardine, and khaki fabrics.

Besides being a non-synthetic fibre, its overall an characteristics made it bendable with other fabrics. With modern technology, the cotton fabric can provide a superior finish to other materials. Whether pure or blended with other textiles, consumers love their comfort, aesthetic appeal, and value.

One thing that both manufacturers and consumers get obsessed with cotton is its tensile strength. During the industrialized process, the cotton's durability makes the production more manageable since there is lesser breakage.

Where does the cotton get this incredible strength?

One factor is the strong interlinking layers of its tiny fibrils. These strong fibrils constitute the cotton's fibre cell, making it prone to easy breakage. Fabric experts from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop recognize the kind of strength the cotton fabric has. While its softness and being absorbent is already given, another source of its durability comes when it is wet. Unlike rayon, which losses its strength when wet and synthetic fibres aren't absorbent, every thread of the cotton fabric gets more robust when it becomes soaked. It can even absorb up to 25 times its weight in water. It makes this material an excellent choice for hygienic essentials like wipes and feminine pads.

Characteristics of Cotton

Along with its durability, the cotton fabric is also known for these characteristics:

- Excellent colour retention, which makes it easy to dye

- Resists abrasion, pilling, and moths

- Very easy to sew - Its fibbers can retain the body heat, making it suitable even during the cold season

- Very easy to clean, since it can be washed and dry-cleaned

- It can withstand high temperature

Advantages of using Cotton

With the mentioned characteristics, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop enumerates some advantages of using cotton clothing.

1. Ability to control moisture- As it absorbs liquid from the body, it also lessens the moisture build-up between the clothing and the wearer.

2. Perfect for all seasons- Cotton is an all-season material because it can trap the air between every air in the fabric.

3. Hypo-allergenic- Besides being not prone to any skin allergies, every dermatologist recommend fabric to lessen or prevent allergies. It never irritates the skin and is also the best option for those with sensitive skin like children.

4. Less toxic- As mentioned, the cotton fabric came from a natural process. It means that it is not synthetic and doesn't contain chemicals. Do not let the skin be compromised with fabrics that can cause irritation and discomfort.

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