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Samples and home deliveries of upholstery furnishings fabrics through the post during the crisis

People now need fabric samples and material through the post with the coronavirus lockdown really starting to bite with millions of people stuck at home.

Many will also want upholstery samples and material through the post too so they can continue with their projects and tackle those they’ve never got round to … until now.

They will be wondering ‘is there any upholstery fabric near me I can get without having to go out?’

Well, there is as the Yorkshire Fabric Shop can send out all kinds of fabric samples to you through the mail including velvet, velour, chenille, leather, cotton, corduroy, suede and wool.

We know from experience that people worldwide love to be creative – none more so than our customers who use our fabrics to make everything from curtains, clothes, toys, bags and pet baskets for both dogs and cats through to reupholstering furniture.

So if people want to carry on doing this over the next few difficult weeks we are offering everyone the opportunity to get samples of material posted from us for just £1 a sample and if they find one they like we can then send them the fabric they want.

Our unique online Fabric Finder means you can search for the colour and pattern you want with just 2 or 3 clicks.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Fabric Finder

The samples mean you can see and touch it for yourself rather than just looking online as it will look a slightly different shade on different computer screens. This service is, of course, dependant on the transport and delivery system remaining up and running.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has one of the UK’s best upholstery fabric ranges outside London with a choice of well over 4,000 fabrics.

Our commitment to our customers means we will do all we can to provide you with the material you need when it’s impossible for you to go out.

Meanwhile, it’s well worth checking out our Customer Creations section on our website to see the incredibly creative ways people have been using all our fabrics.

Camper Van Upholstered With Yorkshire Fabric Shop Fabrics.

Velvet Fabric Handbags Made Using Yorkshire Fabric Shops.

And if you do something you’re proud of then share it with us by emailing photos and a few words to


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