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Should I Buy Striped Roman Blinds For My Kitchen?

Roman blinds are a great option for a kitchen and we love striped Roman blinds.

First let's take a look at why Roman blinds are the best choice for a kitchen.


1. Space saving

Sitting within the window recess Roman blinds don’t encroach into the space. Often a kitchen window is home to some items, such as a fruit bowl or potted herbs. A Roman blind will allow space for these things to remain without touching them when it is closed.


2. Cotton Remains Fresh

Cotton Roman blinds won’t absorb kitchen aromas. Roman blinds will remain fresh even with all of your culinary delights prepared just steps away.


3. Protective Treatments

All of our Roman blinds can be coated with protective treatments to keep them looking new for longer.  This is especially important in a kitchen. The treatments we offer are:

Water Repellant Treatment - The protective coating means water won’t soak in.

Soil and Stain Treatment - Protect against splashes and spills.

Fire Retardant - For peace of mind our fire retardant treatment reduces combustibility.

Striped Roman Blind Fabric

Should you buy a striped Roman blind for your kitchen?

Stripes are a magical interior design trick. They can create the illusion of more space. Here are a few ways to use striped blinds to emphasise your space in your kitchen.


Vertical Stripes

Roman blinds in a vertical striped pattern will create the illusion of height. If you have a small kitchen vertically striped Roman blinds will make your ceiling feel higher. Paired with some recessed lighting you will make the most of your small space.

Large kitchens also benefit from a vertical stripe. It accentuates the size of the room and opens the space up even further.


Horizontal Stripes

Roman blinds in a horizontal striped pattern emphasize the width of the room. Perfect for a galley kitchen where space is at a premium. 

Again an already large kitchen will enjoy the expanse created by the optical illusion of the horizontal stripes. 

Thinner stripes will create more space with more pattern fitting into the space.


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