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The best grade of cotton when buying this beautiful material

Cotton has always been a well-loved fabric by many. Besides the comfort, it never fails to give comfort no matter what the season is. Furthermore, it is also accountable for its absorbency and durability. 

With various regular cotton and cotton-combined textiles, we can choose which of these types are the best? Besides the so-called thread count, the origin of the fibre is another factor that determines every component of the best cotton-durability, textile quality, and longevity. Seeing these features, Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the cotton family.

Best Grade Of Cotton For Material

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton pertains to the cotton specie that grows in the unique climates of Egypt. The weather condition in this country contributes to the cotton's best quality yarn and fibre.

This cotton type is entirely different from the regular cotton fibre for various aspects. The picking process gives an effect on the qualities of these cotton types. For Egyptian cotton, the process involves delicate handpicking. This affects the longevity and excellence of the yarn because the fibre is not sliced and is intact. The handpicking process provides more durability to Egyptian cotton.


Characteristics of the Egyptian Cotton

It is known as one of the most flexible cotton fabrics in the world. A piece of purely-made Egyptian cotton fabric is also one of the softest textiles available.

- Its durability makes it withstand frequent washing.

- Its yarn is also porous; this means it can easily absorb liquids.

- It can also be dyed easily.

- Even if being easy to dye, its colours remain to be always bright and vibrant. This can help bring a better look and mood to the interior perspectives of anyone's home or office.

- Another superior quality of Egyptian cotton is being a naturally breathable material. As the air passes comfortably on its fibre, it also provides more comfort when used as towels and bedsheets. 

All of these characteristics made the Egyptian cotton stand out from the rest of the fabrics. Every material made from these fibres is guaranteed to be the softest and finest fabrics. They can even last longer compared to other cotton products. 


How to Wash Textiles made from the Egyptian Cotton

It is no doubt that the Egyptian cotton resists any possible issue that other fabrics can be hard to endure. Yet, products made from this material needs to be taken care of. Here's how:

1. Rotate the material to avoid exposing the same spot or area every week.

2.When machine washing, do it at a low temperature, approximately 40 degrees. This can keep the fabric in good quality.

3. Avoid using fabric softeners when washing. Wash the fabric separately to avoid pilling, which can damage the material.

4. You can also dry it at a low temperature.

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