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Upholstery fabrics we love and why we love them

Through the ages, upholstery has always been part of every house as welcoming furniture and dining preferences. Whether symbols of status, comfort, or just by mere necessity of the fixtures. We would like to take you into the depth of the very fabrics that we love to use for our seats and why do we love them.

Let’s start from the top, linen. Made from fibres of the flax plant, linen is an extremely strong natural fibre that is also absorbent and tends to improve in age. The fabric is also highly breathable making it cool to the feel even on a summer day. It is easy to clean, healthier, coloured with natural dyes, and environmental friendly.

Wool is also a natural fibre that comes from animal hair, mostly sheep, rabbits, and goats, that yields the luxurious cashmere. Wool is a durable choice for upholstery fabric, nature friendly and comfortable. Still it can be a bit itchy and difficult to clean with the risks felting.

I guess nothing beats the touch of leather in cold weather. Mostly made of buffalo, kangaroo, or cowhides to name a few sources of this material, leather proves to be tough, luxurious, and relaxing. It is widely sought after for many purposes including furniture and cosy seats.

If you want something that could last more than a lifetime, it would be polyester. This substance maybe is made out of a chemistry lab but it has proven to last and stay until your grandchild asks for a new one. It is easy to clean, effortless in resisting abrasions, less fading and extremely heavy-duty.

Velvet is a timeless textile and it has proven that it can bounce back in the current trend of the industry. The fabric is hard-wearing and resilient, which makes it flawless for padding couch, settees, stalls, and bedposts. Its colour doesn’t easily fade away even in direct sunlight, making it even ideal for outdoor furniture.

Then there is a very classy material, silk. It may be jaw-dropping to see this around with children and pets. But silk cosiness and shiny elegance will always be the centre of attraction in a room full of dignitaries and elites. We must agree that silk has its royal grace and sophistication for the high-end seekers of the trade, silk is simply a must-have to the wealthy and able.

Upholstery Fabric Why We Love Them

Every household, business, and recreation needs furniture and we all know that budget will always matter too. You’ll be surprised how vast range Yorkshire Fabric Shop has to offer in this field. From the latest designs and innovations that technology and craftsmanship have to offer, we will surely meet your expectations even if you want something not ordinary. At the end of the day, choices are all warm and filled with its own uniqueness and quality. It’s all up to the masters of these crafts which to choose that will serve them best in their lifestyle and setting.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is here to guide you of what is best for an era and remind everybody that fabrics are everlasting pieces of everyone’s home


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