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What Are The Best Armchairs For My Living Room?

When choosing any piece of living room furniture you must carefully consider your investment. The likelihood is that you will be spending a fair amount of money on a piece that you have already got a vision of. It is very easy when in the midst of your interior design project to get swept up in the excitement. Don’t forget the practicalities too. No need to worry though, there can still be function in style. With the huge range of armchairs available in stunning durable fabrics. There is no need to compromise.

Read on for our guide to find the best armchairs for your living room.

Garcia Accent Chair

Our Garcia accent chair is perfect for the living room.

What is your style?

Firstly, you will need to know what style to look for in order to narrow down the huge choice of armchairs. A minimalist will prefer a simple armchair with sleek lines and a clean silhouette. For a romantic, cosy ambience a big comfy armchair is a must. If space allows a cuddle chair is the perfect addition to your space. An industrial decor will look great with a leather armchair. Alternatively a dark coloured fabric will complement the gorgeous grittiness of an industrial space. We love a dark textured grey.

Knowing your style will make choosing the best armchair for your living room an easy task. 


How much space do you have?

This is something that trips many people up. When you view an armchair in the showroom it looks a lot smaller than it will in your living room. Be sure to measure all dimensions of the armchair including the height and depth. It is worth noting that armchairs with space underneath give the illusion of more space. 


What do you want to use your armchair for?

What will you be using your armchair for? Do envisage it being your favourite seat to curl up in on an evening? Do you want a nice upright seat to support your posture? Will it be an accent piece that is mainly decorative? Thinking about the use of your chair will not only influence that style and type of chair but also the upholstery. An armchair for lounging will want a soft luxe fabric. A more upright design will work well in a sleek velvet.


How busy is your home?

If you have a home with children and pets you will want to protect your investment. Firstly, choosing an upholstery with a high rub count is recommended to withstand everything that your busy house throws at it. Secondly consider a protective treatment to repel water, soils and stains. A family home is most suited to a robust armchair and delicate fabrics and structures are best avoided.


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