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What is a good price for fabric per yard?

Well first of all at Yorkshire Fabric Shop we sell upholstery and curtain fabrics by the metre and "yard" is usually a measurement for clothing textile businesses. 

So let's change the title to "what is a good price for fabric by the metre?"

Fabrics come in many styles, types and colours. There are millions and millions of fabrics to choose from nowadays, we at Yorkshire Fabric Shop to date have over 4,500 fabrics!

When you are inside your favourite fabric store like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, one of the things that you look into is the price of the fabric. This is also true when you buy other products.

The price of the fabric is one of the most important factors you consider before buying the piece. Setting the right price for materials is also essential for every fabric business.

The cost of almost all the furniture and curtains is determined mainly by the cost of the fabric. If the material that is used in making the furniture is expensive, the price of that piece will also cost more and vice versa.

How much does a metre of fabric cost?

Fabrics are usually measured in yards, 1 yard is equivalent to 0.91 metres. If you do not have a measuring stick try this cool trick: the distance from your chin to the end of your fingertips while your arm is fully stretched is equal to one yard. (May not be 100% accurate but you get an idea).

We know that there are several fabric shops online, but we assure you that the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers not just excellent but also affordable fabrics.

Transacting with us is very easy. Secure your payment through Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard.

Do you live far away from our location? Do not worry! We can deliver fabrics in almost every part of the world! Rest assured that your fabrics will reach you in good condition and the cost of logistics is reasonable even though many parcel companies hate taking our rolls due to long lengths! 

Are you looking for the best store that offers affordable fabrics? The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the right place for you!

The price range for every fabric material is as follows:

Chenille - £18.99 - £74.99 per metre

Corduroy - £12.99- £37.99 per metre

Cotton - £13.99- £57.99 per metre

Leather - £12.99 -£63.99 per metre

Suede - £16.99 - £63.99 per metre

Velvet - £17.99- £156.99 per metre

Weaves - £31.99- £71.99 per metre

Wool - £19.99 - £23.99 per metre

As you noticed, for as low as £12.99, you can have a fabric material that you will surely like. As expected, velvet fabrics are expensive and cost up to £156.99 for some really intricate designs.

We have plenty of colours like black, blue, brown, green, and more. You will never run out of the colour perfect colour shade with us.

Do you love animal prints or stripes? Well, our fabrics come in different styles! Another good thing is, we can create the pattern or design you specifically want.

If you are looking for fabrics that are created for curtains, furnishings, and upholstery, we have it for you.

Our website is straightforward to use. You can filter what fabric you want and your price range with our incredible Fabric Finder.

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Here at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we offer not just good quality but also affordable fabrics,  we value money, and that is why we sell our excellent fabrics at a very reasonable price. You are very welcome to see our store and website and see our collection.


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