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What is the best colour for my accent chair?

Chairs of homes and offices can always come in different colours and designs. The more it complements the colours of your interiors, it becomes part of a space where you can exhibit any style that you want. As much as carpets, curtains, and other whatnots, you must always make sure to have a chair colour that suits your style to create an appealing look for any space you place them. 

Somehow, we always purchase new chairs to make everything look new and fresh for our homes and offices. Buying new accent chairs might be good, but it can lack artistry as not all designs and colours are always readily available at your local home depot. However, when your chairs need to be brought anew and with more life, you can always choose to upholster them so that you’ll have the freedom to decide the fanciest and most creative chair you can have. 

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So might as well skip looking for new chairs. Might as well browse our upholstery fabrics and let your creativity run through with our dashing and quality fabrics that fit perfectly with your taste.

For a fresh look

Tidy and clean interiors can be a sight for the eyes. It provides a feeling of positivity to create a more comfortable environment for your offices and homes. When you want to create a fresh and cozy look for your chairs, there are varying colours to choose from; you just have to know what suits your interior most.

In maximizing your chair covers for a neat interior, we recommend getting fabrics in light colours and shades such as yellow, beige, white, light blue - you can choose whatever you like from the bright colours of the environment. These colours are typically made to catch anyone’s eyes at best, so you can have that amazing chair that exceeds the confidence in any space you put them in. Yet, be careful when choosing bright colours; little stains can always be evident most especially when you have kids at home.

Kobe Accent Chair

For a rustic and bold look

Some homeowners also prefer making their chairs appear simple yet daring. In doing so, fabrics in darker shades can be your best choice so as to have a homely, bold, and eye-catching interior by the looks of your chairs.

Colours in deeper and darker shades can best suit your kind of look. From deep green, navy blue, dark grey, and even cobalt yellow, your chair can transform into something so simple yet elegant. The use of organic basics in their most natural state by the use of varying colours also provides a distinctive style for your home as it creates a yet breathable and elegant appearance that you can appreciate every day.

Padua Accent Chair By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

For a classic look

Some homes come in a traditional and vintage design. When this look is what you have or want in your home, you can still make use of your chair covers to add more style to your interiors. 

A vintage look for fabrics usually comes in patterns and designs —- The Yorkshire Fabric Shop does not settle for less and lets you choose from our widest array of fabrics like Damask, Jacquard, checks and tartan designs, medallion patterns, and even those who want patchworks. They can come in amazing colours which are perfectly paired to give you a livelier look for your space while also efficient in providing you a look that transcends over time. 

Tonder Accent Chair By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Key Tip:

Free fabric swatches are available at our shop. We can send you fabric samples so you’ll have time to mix and match your chair covers, letting you have the freedom to choose what’s good and right for your interiors. 

Hurry! You’re one step closer to making a better interior at home or in your office.


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