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What is the best furniture fabric for cat owners?

Most pet owners nowadays treat their pets like their own child, giving the pleasure to stay inside the house. Despite the comfort, the downside is the furniture is always on the risk of being broken and destroyed. Unfortunately, it's impossible to have every furniture made of plastic. But with the right textile material, this can be a life-saver from having damaged upholsteries all the time.

Cat Owners Advice For Fabric

The Best Fabric Material for Cat Owners

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends the following fabric pieces that will suit every furniture.

Tight Weave Fabrics

Fabrics like canvas, denim, and human-made materials are suitable for your furniture to save it from the cat's claws. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a range of tight weaves like Mary, Beaumont and Dijon. Its tightness quality can ensure that it can withstand the cat's playfulness. However, consider the colours when choosing any of these materials. Opt for darker colours or something that matches the pet's colour to avoid visible dirt or cat furs.


There's no doubt how leather can save the furniture from cat messes and damages. Its durability is always accountable. Besides enduring the powerful claws of cats, it's also easy to clean and maintain. With leather, it's more important to choose genuine leather than human-made polyester or faux leather to enjoy its benefits. It may be pricier, but the quality and aesthetics are priceless and worthy. Try Yorkshire Fabrics range of Slav and Hudson eco leather.

Microfiber or Micros Suede

Another really good fabric option for a cat owner is microfiber like Grenada and Lisbon range in Yorkshire Fabric Shops. Aside from being cheaper than leather, it has exceptional and tightly-woven threads that cats can never destroy quickly. However it is a fur magnet, so choose colours and designs that match the cat's colour.


Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics like acrylic and nylon are other great choices for furniture that are prone to cats. Like microfiber textile, these fabrics are also budget-friendly. Moreover, it is also easy to clean with over-the-counter fabric cleaners and doesn't need professional cleaners. It also guarantees more extended everyday wear and tear encounters from cats.

Worst Fabric Furniture for Cat Owners

On the other hand, Yorkshire Fabric Shop discourages the following fabrics for cat-owners.

Open Weave Fabric

Textile types like tweed, corduroy, and others with open weave can easily snag and get loosen in time. Moreover, it can trap dust and fur, making it harder to clean and maintain, especially in couches. These specks of dirt can cause an unpleasant appearance and smell to your upholstery.

Velvet and Silk

Delicate materials like silk and velvet are also not recommended for pet owners. Like the open weave fabrics, it can also trap hair and fur, especially from your pets. It makes it even hard to clean, and you'll always need professional cleaners for regular maintenance.


You may think that suede can suit even the demands on your pets, but unfortunately, it isn't. It may look good, but issues like water spillage can be quite stressful for this fabric. Especially if it doesn't have any protective coverings, this can be a disaster for your fabric.

Tight Weave Fabric For Cat Owners At Yorkshire Fabric Shop

To get the best fabric for your furniture, Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the best place to go. Its different fabric types give you more moments with your pet while not worrying about your precious furniture.


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