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What is the use of velvet fabric?

Velvet is a luxurious, sleek fabric frequently used in intimate clothing, upholstery, and other textile applications. This fabric is also associated with aristocracy because of how costly it was to manufacture.

While most forms of modern velvet are defiled with low-cost synthetic materials, it remains one of the smoothest and softest human-made fabrics ever crafted.

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Velvet’s History

The first documented mention of velvet is from the 14th century, and scholars mostly thought that this fabric was originally manufactured in East Asia before entering Europe on the Silk Road.

Conventional velvet types were created with pure silk. Silk from Asia was soft but the unique manufacturing processes used to produce velvet resulted in a more luxurious silk item.

The velvet fabric was widely used in the Middle East before it acquired prominence in Europe during the Renaissance. The records of several civilizations located within the boundaries of present Iraq and Iran show that velvet was a favourite fabric of the region's royalty.

Velvet manufacture became much less costly when machine looms were invented.

The invention of synthetic fabrics that somewhat resemble the properties of silk gradually took even the lowest ranks of society to the wonders of velvet.

Although today's velvet may not be as pure as the velvet before, it remains a sought-after material for curtains, blankets, and all items that are supposed to be cuddly and soft.

How is velvet made?

Velvet is produced with vertical yarn, while velveteen is manufactured with horizontal yarn. The two fabrics are mostly manufactured using the same processes.

However, velveteen is frequently combined with ordinary cotton yarn, which decreases its efficiency and changes its texture.

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What are the uses of velvet?

Velvet feels as good as it looks, unlike some other interior decor pieces.

Velvet’s softness is its most attractive quality. This fabric is appealing to all senses.

The velvet fabric is mostly used in products where it’s positioned close to the skin. Since velvet has a unique visual appeal, it’s used for curtains, throw pillows, and home decors.

Velvet is used for the following products:

Due to the durability factor, cotton or polyester velvet would be the best type to use for upholstery.

Cotton velvet also has a shorter pile and isn’t as shiny as some of the other types of velvet.

It would be ideal to use polyester velvet for curtains because polyester will make a sturdy fabric for frequent use.

The fabric’s weight will give the curtains a luxurious look, particularly in winter when you need a heavy material to obstruct some of the cold.

Velvet can also block out the natural light. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a range of velvets for you to choose from if using our made to measure curtain service.

Soft Furnishings
A cotton blend of velvet or polyester will create a strong fabric for soft furnishings such as table runners and throws.

Nevertheless, using silk velvet will give the fabric a royal finish with a glossy sheen.

Velvet is absolutely an excellent fabric! If you want to achieve a luxurious and elegant look, using velvet is a great idea.

Are you looking for velvet fabric? Well, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has tons of velvet fabrics for curtains and upholstery. Browse our site to see our fabulous collection.


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