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Which curtain fabrics are easy to clean?

Curtains or drapes make a home look elegant and turns it into a house to a home. It can set the mood and style of the room.

Aside from giving your home added design, curtains are used to cover sunlight, dirt and other elements. As time goes by dust, pet hair and spores get accumulated in the curtains. If not taken properly care, these elements can make your curtain look dirty and may cause health problems.

Every time you open the window or door, dust lands on your curtains making your home look and smell terrible. Filth can cause discolouration and stain on your curtains as well.

Which curtains fabric is easy to clean

Washing your curtains can eliminate the risks of dust and allergies.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a vast range of curtain fabric. Read on as we tackle which curtain fabrics are easy to clean. You do not have to spend hours cleaning your curtain again after reading this guide.

Easy to Clean Curtain Fabrics

Before washing your curtains, it is best to determine the type of fabric they are made from. This is a good way to avoid cuts and colour fading’s.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric is crafted from lightweight materials which makes it a great choice for curtains. However dirt can permanently fade its colours so make sure to clean it regularly.

This fabric is prone to snagging when wet so it is best to hand wash them. Fill the sink or basin with cold water then add one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

You can also use the washing machine. Fill with less than half of water the machine then soak the curtains with a mild detergent. Set the wash on a gentle setting for only 2 to 3 minutes.

Polyester fabric

Polyester is an excellent choice for a fabric curtain. It is affordable, cheap, and durable. It’s also very easy to maintain.

Polyester fabric curtains easy to clean

This type of curtain does not require to be cleaned regularly. Air fluffing can take the dust away. If washing is needed, use cold water. It can be also dried in a low heat setting. Another good property about polyester is ironing is not needed. You can immediately rehang it after drying. Take note that polyester is flammable and absorbs odours so make sure not to put it in the kitchen.

Blackout fabric

Blackout curtains are highly recommended at blocking out sunlight. For this reason, it is commonly used in bedrooms.

Steam cleaning can be the first way to clean blackout curtains. This easy method means that you do not have to take them down. Start steaming from top to bottom and keep the steamer far enough to avoid the curtain from being wet. Avoid putting your blackout curtains in the dryer and always look at the care instructions before cleaning.

Curtains provide detail, colour, and look in your home. Remember to clean them regularly as they rapidly collect dust and stains. You can hand wash, use a washing machine and ask the help of professionals in getting the job done easy.

Make sure to read first the cleaning instructions and follow them. Depending on the fabric of the curtain, the method of cleaning varies. It is usually advisable to hand-wash your curtains to protect details and accessories. The washing machine can cause the fabric to break apart so be careful of the machine setting.

If you are planning to buy a curtain, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers high-quality fabrics. You may visit us in person in our Yorkshire fabric mill shop or browse our website where everything is stocked up.


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