Beautifully Botanical

Beautifully Botanical

Need a breath of fresh air? You’re not alone.

In the bustle of an increasingly urban lifestyle everyone lusts for the calmness of the great outdoors. Perhaps this is why floral and botanicals continue to be a popular interior design trend in 2023. Botanical designs have a way of connecting us to nature - bringing the great outdoors inside - having a healing effect on the body, mind and soul.

To help you include this trend in your home we have compiled a list of all the ways you can incorporate botanical prints and items to create a rejuvenated interior.


Bold or Subtle?

Looking to fully indulge in this theme? Why not start with a bold wall covering. Take this Yasuni Lush Green wallpaper from Graham & Brown for example. Its striking palm print was created through inspiration of the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.

Beautifully Botanical

Image Credit - Graham&Brown

However if this is not quite your style and you want a more subtle way of incorporating this trend into your home, you could start with your soft furnishings such as adding an array of scatter cushions.

A little top tip for you - try adding multiple cushions with different prints but similar colourways. This will make your interior look like it has been put together by a professional but in fact was done without too much thought.

Take a look at this picture for some inspiration!

Beautifully Botanical


House Plants Are A Must!

Now for a simple but very effective method, you should add houseplants to your interior. Adding one or two plants to your home can be a very effective method when helping to tie together other aspects of your interior.

Now, we know what you're thinking, “plants are too much effort!”. Although real plants have many amazing benefits and can be great for those who work from home by improving air quality, we know many of you don’t need the extra stress of keeping a new plant alive! Artificial or faux plants can often look just as good as the real thing and take much less effort!

Beautifully Botanical

Image Credit - Decor Journals


Make a Big Impact

Looking to make a bigger impact with this trend? Curtains, Blinds and sofas are one of the biggest parts of your interior and are the first things that people see when they walk into your home. Why not give them something to stare at? Give your sofa a refresh using our wide range of botanical prints or why not let us do the hard work and create beautifully created bespoke curtains or blinds.

Beautifully Botanical


We hope you enjoyed this article and can’t wait to see how you all incorporate our fabrics into your home.

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