Are Roman Blinds Safe Around Children?

Are Roman Blinds Safe Around Children?

When it comes to your home, safety is just as much of a priority as comfort. It’s commonplace within many households to worry about things that might be dangerous and fragile aspects of your home, particularly when you have children. The safety and security of your children should be of utmost importance, and you want your home to provide that rather than pose any potential danger. From glasses to table corners, there are a range of things within a home that could threaten the safety of small children. However, you are still able to have the house you want, as well as one that nurtures your children, given you take the right steps and choose the right products for your home. It’s wise to take concerns about your children’s safety into account when browsing for and purchasing new household items, such as Roman blinds. You may find yourself wanting some Roman blinds and asking yourself if they are safe for your children, so we decided to break it down for you.

There are many homeowners who have Roman blinds. Their popularity is due to their flatness and functionality, as well as the clean and neat look they provide for your home. But are they safe for your children? It isn’t irrational to worry about your children slipping on fabric, or being caught in the strings. However, with Roman blinds, concerns such as those are put to rest. Unlike curtains, Roman blinds can be specially fitted to be the exact size of your windows, which prevents unwanted excess fabric from falling to the floor and being within reach of your children.

It is also dependent on where you have the blinds installed. If you have them installed somewhere that isn’t high or has obstacles in the way, they are more accessible to children and therefore susceptible to damage and could also harm your children. If you have them installed in a kitchen where there is the kitchen counter in front of them, and they are therefore quite high up, they will be out of reach of your children. So not only are they designed to be both practical and safe, there are measures you as the buyer can take to ensure that your children are safe and the blinds themselves don’t get damaged. Children are prone to toying with things they shouldn’t simply out of curiosity, so we recommend actively taking steps to ensure they don’t toy with your blinds. Make sure that you place your blinds somewhere where they can work both safely and efficiently.

In conclusion, you can still enjoy some Roman blinds if you have children, we just advise you to take caution and the steps necessary to ensure household safety, which is a sentiment we promote when considering any new product for your house. Feel free to explore our range of Roman blinds today. We at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offer a wide variety of blinds in different colours, styles, and designs for you to choose from. 

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