What Is Corduroy Fabric ?

What Is Corduroy Fabric ?

One of the most vintage fabrics that you can find, corduroy is made up of twisted fibres that when woven, lie in parallel rows, or “wales” to form the well-known texture of corduroy. Typically it is a cotton or cotton/mix fabric with a raised or ribbed surface nap. A nap is a description of the fabric hairs, when they are not quite vertical and instead lie in a particular direction; this is known as the nap.

Corduroy is a durable fabric that has a velvet like appearance and is soft to the touch. It was used for shirts, trousers and skirts that initially became popular in the 1700’s. It was first woven from silk and was used to create clothing for royal servants. By the 1800’s corduroy was made from cotton and was being used on mass by the working classes as it was durable, but not expensive.

While corduroy is prominent in the fashion industry, it has many uses in the interior design sector. Because of its durability but velvet feel, it can be a great for soft furnishings like our handmade cushions and can create some unique pieces by using it for upholstery. This durability means that it can be printed with a range of designs and in a variety of colours.

When choosing a corduroy to work with, it is always wise to choose the best quality that you can. Although corduroy is hardy, cheap corduroy can begin to moult very quickly. Ensure that the nap of the fabric matches; otherwise the finished item will have odd differences in colour and sheen.

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