Which Colour Is Best For Curtains?

Which Colour Is Best For Curtains?

There is no doubt that curtains can bring the best perspective in our rooms. To achieve this, we have to know how to choose the curtains that suit our homes. Besides the style and design, choosing the colour is another thing to consider.

Exploring the curtain colour should not be about your personal preference and room decorations. Other aspects like the room and window structures and the amount of light-matter as well. UK-based leading curtain fabric store Yorkshire Fabric Shop, shares some pros and cons of dark and light curtain colours. It can guide us in choosing the best ones for our homes. 

Light Curtains: How they Look 
- Light colours like neutral shades are considered timeless fabrics. They never run out of style.
- Light curtains create an impression of a bigger space in the room. 
- Most of the light coloured curtains came from light fabrics that flow well when blown by the wind. 
- Light coloured curtains can be easily dyed. 

Light curtains are more prone to dirt and markings that can affect both its appearance and quality. To prevent this, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends putting these curtains in rooms with lesser prone to stains and dirt. 

Dark Curtains: How they Look 
- If you have spacious interiors and or your room has a high ceiling, using dark coloured curtains to create a smaller yet cosier look to the area. It can also provide anchors in space without overwhelming the room. 
- Dark curtains produce a romantically relaxing atmosphere in the room. 
- Dark curtains never fail to give an elegant impression because of the "drama" outlook it has.
- When appropriately used, it can still create an inviting vibe to any area despite the formality it may look. 

Light Curtains: Their Functionality
- Light curtains are great in rooms exposed to natural light. It's because they are prone to become faded. 
- These curtains are the perfect choice in the summer season because they can bounce the heat of the sun right away, making a room look and feel cool. 

Dark Curtains: Their Functionality 
- Dark coloured curtains are easier to maintain because specks of dirt like some stains and markings are not visible. 
- Block out curtains came from dark fabrics, which make it ideal for rooms that need lesser exposure to light. 

Considerations: A room that faces north where there is more direct sun exposure should use thick and heavy curtains, with colours like grey, blue, and green. Meanwhile, a room that faces east and west where there is lesser sun exposure can be excellent in warm coloured curtains like orange, yellow, and brown.

These can even develop a lighter ambience in the area. When it comes to curtain fabrics, you can always turn to The Yorkshire Fabric Shop. For years, it strives to commit to giving the best curtain and upholstery fabrics to every client it has. With the guaranteed quality of textiles, they are also fabric experts that guide in choosing the best for their customers.

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