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Which cushion is right for you?

Cushions make such a difference to a room, they add both comfort and decoration to your home, but choosing the correct one for you isn’t always easy. Yorkshire Fabric Shop owner, Jay has been in the fabrics and furniture business for over adecade and is here to offer his advice on finding the perfect cushion for your home.

Yorkshire Fabric shop offers a huge range of cushions, that can all be made to each individual taste.

“The process of our handmade cushions is completely personal for us, from picking out the roll of fabric from the shelf, inspecting before cutting, hand sewing and filling them all right here in Yorkshire”, says Jay.

Karen Cushions

Shape and size

The cushion shape you choose all depends on which piece of furniture you would like it to sit on. If you are choosing for a scatter back sofa, (a sofa in which the back is made up of several different cushions stacked together as a back support) then Jay would recommend smaller rectangular cushions for the side of the arm. 

“When you have a scatter back cushion sofa, we can create the perfect accent cushions to blend in with your sofa. The rectangular style fits nice and snug across the arm rest, making it much more comfortable”, says Jay.

If you have a chair, our small cushions usually fit best, the last thing you need is the cushion taking up all the room on the chair!

Geneva Cushions

Buy handmade velvet cushions here available in many colours.


Choosing the right fabric

Ideally, when choosing a fabric for cushions, you want something soft and comfortable that you can sink your head into after a long day. Jay feels that “velvet is a perfect choice for cushions, the softness and warmth brings the perfect amount of comfort to you and creates that ultimate snug spot for lounging around”.

If you have children or pets, your first thought is probably going to be that you need something that is easily cleaned. When it comes to pets, Jay recommends “choosing a fabric that doesn’t have a weave, such as a velvet or a soft suede”. This will ensure that the cushions can’t be clawed into and damaged as easily by any cheeky fur-friends!

Children (and even some of us adults) can be clumsy and cause a mess at the best of times, if this is somewhat of a worry for you, do not panic! One of the many fabric treatments we can add before creating your cushions is the soil and stain treatment. This makes stains so much easier to remove and pro-longs the life of your cushions, leaving you worry-free with children and guests.

Accent Chair With Cushions

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Styling really does depend on what the rest of your room looks like. Perhaps you have a neutral room and want to brighten it up with some statement cushions drawing in attention and giving the room a small pop of colour! 

“When decorating a room, I always choose cushions with a pattern every single time – with cushions you can be bold and take a risk in your interiors, because if you don’t like it, it can easily be changed”, advises Jay.

Of course, with that being said, if you already have a wall of colourful and more complex wallpaper, it may be a good idea to go for a plainer style – you don’t want things to start clashing with one another. Why not think of matching your cushions to your curtains for a fun yet uniformed vibe.

Still in need of inspiration? Well, we have got you covered! Have a look through our gallery of clients homes for some serious style stimulation.

Scatterback Sofa Cushions


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